Monday Musings: Flow

I’ve had this pretty graphic pinned for a while and there’s just something about it I love. It’s so simple, but an amazing reminder to take things in stride.

And it’s especially appropriate since I had a pretty frenetic and at times stressful weekend, helping out with a couple work related events. I’m a bit run down as we start of this week (and admittedly, did not have much time over the weekend to put together a post for today), but when I revisited Pinterest for some inspiration, I knew the mantra of ‘flow’ was a perfect way to start my Monday. Whether you feel good, you feel tired; you feel happy, you feel sad; inspired, uninspired, it’s all good. Just go with it. Flow.

{Image Credit: Victoire de Samothrace}



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  1. 6.13.11

    Hope your week slows down and gives you time to recoop. I’ve been gravitating towards water color images recently, so this one fits the bill.

  2. 6.14.11
    Aubrey said:

    I like it! It really just has a calming element to it…just what I need this week! (c:

  3. 6.22.11
    Kelly said:

    This is so beautiful. it looks like a buddha board! I just found you through Julip Made and I’m having so much fun going backwards and catching up!