A Day on Abbot Kinney

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but in the four years I lived in LA for school, I never once made it down to Venice. Well, except if you count that one time I drove through really quickly, but didn’t have time to get out of the car and poke around (which I definitely don’t). Last Saturday was my first time seeing the neighborhood, and I thought I’d share a little roundup of photos from my phone.

We spent most of the day on Abbot Kinney Blvd, which is a mecca of hip (and hipster) stores, restaurants, and lots of graphic design eye candy. I was so inspired by all the store signage on this street. Who can say no to good graphics?

You might remember my visits to Plantation in SF and LA. It wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t stop in the Venice location as well. Their prices are still beyond nuts (and it would seem that staff gets less friendly the further south the location), but boy did I ever find some tables and fabrics to obsess over:

One of my favorite finds was a little store called Bountiful, which is quite literally stacked floor to ceiling with all types of glass cake and pastry stands. Milk glass, clear glass in green, blue, white, pink — pretty much every pastel imaginable. There were all kinds of entertaining accessories (loved the display of cloches over monogrammed mugs!), and a huge selection of handmade soaps and candles. A better name for the store might be ‘Wonderland,’ because with the sky high displays, that’s kind of how it felt. Don’t bump into anything in here!

We also had a great time visiting Strange Invisible Perfumes and the Alexis Bittar shop (more on both of those later!). Have any of you spent time in Venice?

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  1. 6.7.11
    Taylor said:

    Such beautiful pictures! Looks like you were in some great stores!

  2. 6.7.11
    Julie said:

    Venice was one of my favorite places on my recent trip to LA. We spent a decent portion of our day on the beach, but did get a little ways up Abbot Kinney. I loved all the galleries and shops and best bakery ever. Although, I can’t remember the name, their lattes were superb. I’m sad I didn’t find Bountiful, but I guess it’s for the best because I would have tried to pack my suitcase full.

  3. 6.8.11

    I used to live in Venice….Abbot Kinney was my favorite place to get lost on a Saturday afternoon. Bountiful is the best! Did you get to the canals? I’d walk through them on my way home from a run or trip down to the water. Great post!

  4. 7.15.11

    Hi! Just discovered your blog! Yes, I have been in Venice a couple of times but most recently this spring and discovered the store The Juicy Leaf on Abbott Kinney. Did you happen to see it? The most amazing plant and sculpture structures. Living and preserved…so inspiring… I loved the sights on Abbott Kinney too!