The Balenciaga Papier

Sometime last summer, I was in Barney’s and noticed a collection of totes that came in a gorgeous array of colors. Unlike most totes though, when picked up, these bags were light as a feather and soft as you can imagine. It was my first date with Balenciaga’s Papier totes. And I was smitten.

I’ve honestly never seen a stylish tote I like quite as much (it’s just something about the colors and the way these bags feel when you touch them). Unfortunately, the Papier A3 and A4s cost a lot of papier too…so I will not be getting one any time soon (if the nice people at Balenciaga are reading this and feel like sending one my way, I’ll take one in dark navy or kelly green).

When I saw the Balenciaga exhibit at the DeYoung, of course I started thinking about this bag again. Now, obviously, Cristobal himself didn’t exactly design the Papier line, and there is little in the entire Balenciaga handbag collection that reminds me of what I saw at the museum. But still, their handbags are certainly beautiful.

Do you currently have any designer pieces you’re lusting after?

{Image Credits: Balenciaga}

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  1. 6.2.11

    I had to post because there is nothing I love more than a Balenciaga bag. My next one is going to be a Velo, I’m thinking in Anthracite. The Papier is lovely as well.

    • 6.2.11

      They’re just so elegant and lovely, but at the same time, edgy and unique. The Velo is another fave…great choice!

  2. 6.2.11
    Taylor said:

    gorgeous bags! if only the price tag were as perfect!

  3. 6.2.11
    Aubrey said:

    You are *so* right, these are just so beautiful!!! Not only are the colors *insane*, but just the whole look of it is so classy…whaddaya say to getting Balenciaga to sponsor us by sending us some to “try out”??? I think they would totally go for it…(c:

    • 6.2.11

      I’m 100% with you! C’mon Balenciaga, I know you have Google Alerts all over this post. Hook us up! : )

  4. 6.2.11
    Julie said:

    If only they were the same price as the Trader Joe’s totes… Haha I love the reference to google alerts. If it works, let us know!