Cut it out!

Trend alert: Has anyone else noticed that open sides is the hot new thang in shoes? Designers have even found a way to make simple flats that feature cut outs. I think this look is more successful on some shoes rather than others (I’ve definitely seen a few questionable uses of open sides, some included below), but I also think it looks awesome on little booties and high heeled sandals. On the right kind of shoe, it’s a style that can take you from summer to fall and back again (see: #1. Would look great with a cocktail dress in summer, or with sheer tights and a skirt in winter!)

What do you think of the cut out shoe trend? Any favorites from the ones I found below (I heart #4!)?

1. Vince Camuto Ashleigh, $118  |  2. Kate Spade Dune, $325  |  3. Naughty Monkey $69.99  |  4. Auri Footwear Angie, $139.50  |  5. Deena & Ozzy Open Side Suede Sandal, $39  |  6. Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Oxford Wedge   |  7. Floridian Oasis Heels, $148  |  8. J.Crew Alexander Printed Lace Up Booties, $298  |  9. J.Crew Keaton Cut Out High Heeled Oxfords, $198  |  10. J.Crew Pilar Platform Heels, $250

Also, I tried on these shoes yesterday at Nine West and am obsessed:

That is all.

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  1. 5.24.11

    I am obsessed too now!

  2. 5.24.11

    I love those Nine West ones especially! I have a couple pairs with open sides I love, one by J Crew and a pair of lace ups by Nicholas Kirkwood. Great post!

  3. 5.24.11
    Charlotta said:

    I love several ones here and agree, open toe shoes are so versatile. Love them with so many looks, and here in Sydney they work all year around.

    Gorgeous darling.
    That’s all.. ;)

    xx C

  4. 5.24.11
    Natasha said:

    SUCH beautiful shoes…wow! Love the cut outs!

  5. 5.24.11
    Aubrey said:

    Yep #6 is highly questionable…but those nine west beauties just need to come home with mama…you know you want to! (c:

  6. 5.25.11
    Kelly said:

    Love the cut out look! I’m just afraid I’d have blisters all over my feet; I’m imagining my mom making me walk around the house in my “church shoes” with heavy winter socks so that I’d “break them in”. Sorry for ruining your lovely pictures with weird childhood memories :)

    Hope you’re having a great week!!

  7. 5.27.11

    No, I actually haven’t noticed. Phew, glad I’m back in the loop. Number 3 is fierce. Five is more practical. And I think I need to buy the Nine Westers.