Bar Carts that Don’t Break the Bank

Does such a thing exist? I ask because, when shopping at Plantation last Sunday, I came across this gorgeous cart:

With this attached to it:

That sound you hear is a very loud record scratch. Listen, Plantation, I love you and all, but are you for real?

Here’s the thing though: I saw a brass bar cart in the window of Deco Home for $1600. Over on 1st Dibs and even on eBay, the story doesn’t get much better. And just look at the prices at this (very excellent) round up of bar carts on Design*Sponge. Can anyone tell me why vintage bar carts are so expensive?

I’m on the lookout for a brass bar cart. If you know of any good resources, send them my way. I feel like I’ve been looking for a bar cart for months, but everything is waaaaaay too expensive.

In the meantime, I’ll daydream about these pretties:

Of course, I’ve been searching for an affordable bar cart for so long that I really think I’ll end up with a console table bar, like so:

Amazing. I guess I wouldn’t be TOO heartbroken with this set up.


{Image Credits: One Sydney Road; Amazon via Design*Sponge; 1st Dibs via Design*Sponge; Lonny Oct/Nov 2009; Lonny Feb/Mar 2010}

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  1. 1.20.11
    Kelly said:

    I am seriously lusting for a bar cart; that seems like an odd word to use, but I think it’s appropriate. I agree with you that the last picture is great. I guess it’s all in the styling. Speaking of which, did you see this article in Woman’s Day how Amy Meier styled a bar area? I LOVE it!

  2. 1.20.11

    That’s fantastic! I actually have some shelving like that in this random butler’s pantry between our kitchen and dining area. Maybe I’ll have to convert it into this set up! (First task…get Joe to move his junk out of there…)