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Again, a big thank you to both Sara from A Dose of Pretty and Kelly from 1551 Transformed for sending a Stylish Blogger Award my way. It really means a lot that y’all would even think of me. Plus, I love a good Internet meme.

If you haven’t seen this fun little award circulating the blogosphere yet, here’s what happens once you receive it:

I’ve been trying to brainstorm seven things about myself that haven’t been shared on this blog and that even my good friends might not know about me. That was tough, since I’m sort of an open book. Here are my attempts:

1. I don’t have pierced ears. My parents never had it done when I was little and I guess I just never had any real desire as a little girl. I’ve thought about having them pierced in recent years, but it’s such a unique thing for a woman to not have pierced ears that I still don’t really want to!

2. I’ve been on TV — twice. Once was in high school as part of a report on unused technology in the classroom. I made some very astute comment about the amount of money spent on computers in classrooms, even though instructors never used them. (Funnily enough, now that I work in higher ed, I suspect that the issue was that there was no teacher support or training on how to integrate technology into the curriculum. Huh.).

The second time was on E! during a red carpet show at the 2003 Emmy’s. I was an RA at the time, and as a back to school gift to all my residents, got tickets for the entire floor to sit in the bleachers on the red carpet to watch star arrivals. (I know, I was an awesome RA. Except when I was writing people up for drinking. That wasn’t so fun.) In the E! segment, I had to answer a quiz question about Survivor or something. I’m glad they gave me the answer to the question before they started rolling, because I’ve never seen an episode of Survivor in my life.

3. I hate being late. Self-explanatory. Nothing makes me more anxious than keeping other people waiting.

4. I don’t drink milk, or any kind of milky drink. Chai, chocolate milk, fruit smoothies made with milk or yogurt — BLECH! Also, I don’t eat milk with my cereal (when I even eat cereal, that is). It’s just a texture thing. I love ice cream, cheese, cream sauces, but just the way cold milk feels in my mouth grosses me out.

5. I saw Titanic in the theatre no less than 17 times. It’s true. The year was 1998, I was in 8th grade, and Leo could do no wrong.

5.5 I spell it theatre, not theater.

6. I have three favorite flowers: peonies, hydrangeas and ranunculus.

7. In 2008, I worked at a winery. This was before I was “serious” and had a “real job.” I’m not an expert wine maker by any means, but know quite a bit about small lot winemaking. If you’re new to this blog, you can read a little about the winemaking adventures here.

8. (An extra one) I asked Joe for some unique fact about me and he goes, “If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you’d be the McGorgeous.” So here’s a fact. In 2002, Joe used that pick up line on me while we were chatting on AIM (which I think is hilarious since we lived like 10 doors down from each other in the same dorm). It must’ve worked, because shortly after that we went on our first date. That kid.

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  1. 1.17.11
    Kelly said:

    Two things:

    1. We must be the same age because I was in 8th grade when Titanic came out!

    2. I’m totally jealous that you worked at a winery; my husband and I went to Sonoma two years ago, and we absolutely loved it!!!

  2. 1.17.11

    Seriously – coolest RA ever. I’m real envious of your winery past. Sounds like heaven. Thanks so much for passing the award along to me! I’d better start thinking of seven mildly interesting things…