Fall Faves

No, you’re not hallucinating. Today I’m all about pre-fall favorites. But lest you think I’ve gone totally nuts, let me explain a little.

Back in December, many of the major fashion houses held shows for their pre-fall 2011 collections. Now, fall 2011 still seems like it’s a year away (um, because it is), but I’m always very interested to see these particular collections. Why? Because in California, and northern California specifically, you can get away with wearing pre-fall fashions almost year round. Since it is often cool and foggy here, I find that a lot of the pieces in pre-fall collections (especially the many items you can layer) translate to year round staples. With a prefall collection, you’re also bound to get bits of bright colors — a nod to the last vestiges of summer.

I finally spent some time looking through the collections on Vogue.com this week, and came away loving four designers in particular. Since there were so many fantabulous looks, this post will feature two of them. Come back later today for the second two. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now, of course, there’s hardly anything (if anything) by any of these designers that I could afford. But, it’s so fun to see what looks are walking down the runways. Not only does it make for an indulgent daydream, but the collections inevitably influence the places I do shop at. You’re drooling isn’t totally pointless!

So what to look out for next year in the late summer and early fall (and, I suspect, much of 2011)? Lady-like hats. Desert-inspired colors (think turquoise, reds, honeysuckle and golds). The flare and the wide leg pant make a comeback. And can I just say how glad I am that the grunge trend seems to have disappeared?

Here we go. My four fave collections. Let’s kick things off with DVF, whose use of color made me gasp.

I love it. Everything is very lady like, with a sort of modern 70s vibe that is still so easily wearable. And aren’t you digging the color palette? Everything is just super saturated and rich.

Next up:

This is a collection with plenty of pieces that would be perfect for work. I really like how tailored and sophisticated everything is. I’ve never been much of a hat girl, but the two floppy numbers have me inspired to maybe give it a try this summer.

Thoughts? Favorite looks? This is only a small sampling of each collection, too. Head on over to Vogue to see everything (just follow the image credit links below).

Don’t forget to come back later this afternoon for two more of my fave collections. One of them was created by a man whose name starts with an O and ends in scar. And he can do no wrong, people.

{Image Credits: All images from Vogue.com. DVF collection; MaxMara collection}

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  1. 1.13.11
    Kelly said:

    LOVE the colors DVF is using, and by the way, I’m extremely envious that you can wear pre fall clothing the majority of the year. If I tried that, I’d be sweating through my clothes for part of the year, and covered in frost bite for the rest!!!!

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