I need a vacation.

It’s true. I had a nice, long break from work over the holidays, but two days in and I’m already craving a global getaway. It might sound dorky, but I can sit and play with Google Maps for hours, simply because I think it’s so fun to dream about all the amazing places one could visit.

While I’m glad to get 2011 underway and back into some kind of schedule, I can’t help wishing that here in the States we had a more Mediterranean sensibility when it came to vacations. That is, I wish I had a full two months off every year!

If I did, (and assuming I won the lottery), here are some destinations you’d find me planning a visit to pronto.

It should come as no surprise that several of these destinations are in France. What can I say? I’m turning into quite the Francophile.

Looking at my list, it’s also clear that being near water — even in a cold environment — is so invigorating for me. But, along with that, I’d love to visit places like Oaxaca to soak in the food (it’s the birthplace of moles!), and pick up a piece of that famous black pottery.

Savannah might come as a surprise, but I think a four day weekend getaway to the deep south would be such a fun departure from West Coast life. Give me some sweet tea and a leisurely bike ride on a hot, sticky southern night!

As for Edinburgh, I’ve become especially interested in seeing the Scottish Highlands since my family took a trip there (without me!) last year. The photos they brought back were amazing. Also, being introduced to the Outlander series by my friend Meredith might have had something to do with it as well!

In all of my dream destinations, there are definitely good eats, and in many of them, excellent wines. Who wants to come with?

Okay, so most of you guys are probably back at work too. Where would you want to take a vacation this year?

{Image Credits: Buenos Aires, Loire Valley, Oaxaca, Edinburgh, Capri, Savannah, Provence, Brittany, Sardinia, Santorini}

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