Thank You

A little something lovely to start (and maybe end) your weekend with.

Earlier today on Twitter, the Editor-in-Chief of Rue magazine, Crystal Gentilello, announced that she had found a new editorial assistant, one Mackenzie Horan. I clicked through to Mackenzie’s blog, Design Darling (which is super adorable, by the way), and after taking a look at her blog roll, ended up on the site Thx, Thx, Thx, which is authored by Leah, who as it turns out is a beautiful writer and keenly observant.

You see, Thx, Thx, Thx is a collection of thank you notes written to anything and everything that makes life such a joy. This site really resonated me with because I think it’s so important to try and see positives in everything, and also be gracious for the little moments and things in life that create unique experiences for us all.

I spent some time reading through lots of Leah’s wonderful thank you notes, and am sharing some of my faves here. I hope you find them funny, true and inspiring. (If you do, you should check out the site. Also, she has a book coming out soon!)

And PS: the first of these is total validation for my series of Internet discoveries today. And PPS: the last one, we should all remember come Sunday night.


{Image Credits: All images from Thx, Thx, Thx. Click on any to be taken directly to the note.}

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