Flea Market Finds

On Sunday I ventured out in the cold and rain and made the trek over to Alameda to see what was going on at this month’s Flea Market. Compared to when I went in August, the place was practically deserted — I think the dreary weather forecast kept a lot of vendors at home. Nevertheless, there was still A TON to see, and I snapped some pics of my favorite pieces.

I think this mirror is stunning. If you could do it, it would look fabulous in an entryway or in a living area. The border is made from old tin plates.

This trunk was afjfdk years old and GORGEOUS.

Though a bit traditional (you couldn’t really paint it), I thought this dresser had fantastic craftsmanship and had worn really well after years and years.

Now we’re talking. In my single girl lair, this dresser would be a dream. She’s a beaut, no?

This coffee table (if you can even call it that) is not really my style, but the story behind it makes it truly special:

There was one vendor selling only these old canvas train stop posters. I think these have become the new thing. I’ve noticed that Ballard and some other places sell reproductions. I really like them, but would have to choose the exact right one, and I also wouldn’t want it to be TOO big, ya know?

Also, I think I’m having my Rococo/Louis XIV moment:

The Pet Project that’ll never be: buying one of these babies, then having it re-upholstered and painted. There were SO many chairs like this at the market (and great deals too), but we simply don’t have anywhere to put it, nor does it match the rest of the furnishings in our house.

The bad thing about the flea market is it makes you want to throw everything in your house out and start over again!

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  1. 12.7.10

    I love those chairs – especially with some pretty new fabric. Did you take home anything good??

    • 12.7.10

      I was trying to be good so I only bought one little thing — an antique gold and glass jewelry box that’s maybe 2″x3″ to hold some vintage costume jewelry my grandmother gave me last year. I’ll take a pic of it soon and post!