DIY: Vintage flashcard artwork

So, about two weeks ago, I was browsing through images on Pinterest, and came across this little guy:

It was love at first sight. I absolutely adored the idea of finding vintage flashcards and framing them. To add an element of personalization, I thought, Why not frame dates or other numbers that are important to us? It was really easy to come up with a fun list of numbers: anniversaries, the zip codes where Joe and I each grew up, the house numbers that we’ve lived in together.

I hopped on over to Etsy and easily found a couple great sets of vintage flashcards, and on the cheap too!

I found these sets from the Thrill of the Hunt and 23 Burton Avenue Etsy shops, respectively. The mid-century typefaces on the sets are great, aren’t they?

Once I got the first set of cards, I repurposed some frames I had around the house and some scraps of Paper Source paper to make flashcard art with two significant dates:

I’m just gonna say it. Uh. Freaking. Mazing.  I LOVE how they turned out. I hung both near the entryway to our flat, right off the stairway landing. I still have a TON of flashcards, and plan to make more combinations of numbers when I can get my hands on more frames. For a minute, I was bummed I had bought so many cards (even at the low cost), but then I realized these will be fantastic to have on hand to make as gifts for people — especially these days, with so many folks I know getting hitched!

All in all, for about $20 total, I thought this was a pretty awesome homemade art project. You likey?

{Image Credits: Most Beautiful Darling, Thrill of the Hunt, 23 Burton Avenue}

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  1. 11.29.10
    susannah said:

    i love this idea! i think i might borrow it for my apartment or office too.

  2. 12.2.10
    susannah said:

    I will think about what numbers I want & may take you up on that.