Gift Wrap Goodness

Yes, yes, yes, Thanksgiving isn’t until next week. I hear you. Sort of. But that doesn’t mean I’m not really excited to be shopping for holiday gift wrap already!

Forget presents. My absolute favorite part of gift giving is wrapping the gift up. I adore mixing and matching ribbons and hand-crafting little tags to make a gift feel extra special and personal. In fact, I’ve been known to package gift cards in large boxes then wrap ’em up with lots of satin bows, so it all looks over the top and extravagant. It’s just too fun.

I’ve already been checking in at my local Paper Source, and as expected, there’s a TON of cute wrappings for sale. But Anthro and Container Store had some cute trimmings too! What do you think? Are you a gift wrapping minimalist or do you like to accessorize your packages?

{Top to bottom, left to right: Modern Snowflakes, Red Rings, Penguins, Gum Drops (!!!!!), Velvet Ribbon, Candy Canes, Trees and Stars, Fawn Holiday Gift Tags, Red Dots, Ruby Medallions, Naughty or Nice Gift Tags, Silver Glitter Paper}

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  1. 11.17.10

    this post gets me excited :) yay for fun wrapping paper!

  2. 11.17.10

    Love those penguins! I guess I should get some shopping done before I get wrapping, hmm..

  3. 11.17.10

    In response to your question, I definitely love to accessorize! I drool over beautiful wrapping paper but usually go with something plain so I can have the fun of dressing it up. Great finds!

  4. 11.17.10

    Thanks for your comments ladies! Can you believe how close we really are to the holiday season? It’s nuts!

    Once you get to wrapping and accessorizing, if you have any particularly lovely wrapped gifts, send them my way and I can feature them on the site!