Madewell Love

Honestly, everywhere I turn these days, it feels like there are a bagillion fall/winter looks I’m simply gaga over. Did all the designers and brands collude to rob us of our entire paychecks this season?

Latest on my love list is Madewell. If J.Crew is the uptown-chic child, then Madewell is her downtown-cool little sister. Fitting, as the two are in fact sister companies!

So, yes. I want that bag. And those boots. I’ve been needing brown boots for like, ever. Madewell definitely has the recipe for perfect fall/winter fashion down pat.

{Top to bottom, left to right: Cotswold vest, $128; Pretty Plumes dress, $168; The Quality Mending Co. tote bag, $98; The Archive leather boot, $298; Chambray Artiste Shirt, $68; Woven Chains bracelet, $35; Sweatshirt mini dress, $68; Digby & Iona Grand Oval ring, $189; Livingston Romper, $138; Metallic Oversized Plaid cardi, $125}

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  1. 11.16.10

    I love your Madewell picks. Selfishly, I also love that they don’t have locations absolutely everywhere yet!