DIY Inspiration: Fluff paper lanterns

Brace yourself. This is one of the coolest, most inventive, most fun DIYs I’ve seen in a while. Nichole over at Parlour recently chronicled her DIY dining room light fixture made entirely out of coffee filters. The end result?

Pretty awesome. If she hadn’t told us, I would’ve had no idea that thing was DIY, let alone made from coffee filters. All it took was a Japanese paper lantern and about 1200 coffee filters. Here are some shots of her process:

And of course, the final hung version:

It really creates a lot of visual tension in an otherwise girly glam dining room, doesn’t it? (PS — Nichole also DIYed the decoupage on the dining table with fabric. Doesn’t it look great?)

Anyway, I had a thought. What if I used this same coffee filter technique to make a string of fluffy “snowball” holiday lanterns to hang around the living room and fireplace mantle this year? I’m thinking I could use lanterns that are a bit smaller in diameter, obviously (these I found at Cost Plus World Market):

Could be fun. Would look pretty along with the dark evergreen garland. I think I just might do it!

You can read all about Nichole’s paper lantern saga here, here and here.

 **UPDATE: If you’re interested, you can check out how my DIY snowball lanterns turned out!

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  1. 11.12.10
    Jessie said:

    That is stunning! (Not a word I’d normally associate with coffee filters. . .)

  2. 11.12.10
    danielle said:

    ahhhhmazing. seriously.

  3. 1.6.15
    ro said:

    I bought some paper lanterns how do make them round and full I want to use for wedding table decoration please help