Zara’s November lookbook

I had never shopped at (confession: or even heard of) Zara before I moved to San Francisco. Though the stores here in the city can be difficult to navigate because they’re always filled with shoppers, I have to say Zara is a fantastic place to hunt for seasonal trends at completely reasonable prices. If you can hit up the Zara’s in Europe, take advantage of it — the ones in Paris felt a bit more organized, with an even better collection of looks at slightly lower prices than the States!

Zara just released their November lookbook and there are a number of items that caught my eye:

A few things of note here.

One. Can we talk about how happy I am that wide leg pants are making a comeback? Two. That menswear inspired continues to be the thing? Three. I’m loving that so many stores are picking up the J.Crew vibe and going for looks that are casual, classic and elegant. Tailored, but not fussy. Easy to put together. It makes dressing so much more simplified, or at least I think so.

One other thing. Two looks I didn’t include in my roundup:

I’m seeing a lot of maxi skirts for winter and spring as of late, like the ones above and this glitzy number from J.Crew:

And this sort of blah ensemble:

Um, yeah. Are we really doing this, fashion gods? Maybe it’s because I’m a petite girl, but I just can’t imagine the maxi skirt looking good on anyone under 5’9″. Size 2 or smaller also required. But who knows. It took me 2 years to get on the skinny jean train and that ended pretty well. We’ll see. Maybe I just haven’t seen a good maxi skirt styling. Thoughts???

{Image Credits: Zara Lookbook 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, casual looks found via Fashionologie; Zara maxi skirts 1 2; J.Crew maxi skirts 1 2}

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  1. 11.12.10

    Finally, someone who’s talking some sense about the maxi skirt. Granted, I have one, but I’m pretty careful about what I pair it with (I am petite and don’t want to look like a runt). Most of these pairings look kinda schlumpy to me, honestly.

    • 11.12.10

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m putting my foot down on this one. It just looks and feels wrong, wrong, wrong.