The single girl’s lair

Last week I stumbled across this old Apartment Therapy photo and couldn’t stop staring. Then I quickly ran and got Joe and said, “Just so you know, if I were single, this is what my little studio apartment would look like.”

Okay, I admit, it’d be tough to get rid of a lot of my books and put them in storage so that the shelves would look as uncluttered as these. But I love the idea of having the bed serve as both a place to sleep and a lounge area to watch movies on a laptop, lean back and sketch, or just watch the world go by out your window. Such an inventive use of space when you have so little of it to work with! Also, doesn’t the painted ceiling and the chandelier just add that je ne sais quoi? I love it.

{Image Credit: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest}

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