The single girl’s bathroom

Let’s pause here for a moment to also have a look at what the perfect bathroom would look like in the single girl’s lair:

Chanel skincare. Chanel Les Exclusifs perfumes. Prada perfumes. Girly sconces. Marble counter tops. Yes, please.

That’s some “medicine” cabinet, huh?

{Image Credit: Fabulous K}

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  1. 11.12.10

    Yeah, that’ll never happen for me. But a girl can dream!

    So, sounds like you and I are in about the same phase of the Invisalign process. I get my 2nd tray and my first “buttons” on Tuesday. I like them so far, but they’ve significantly cut down on my casual snacking time!!

    • 11.12.10

      We can be Invisalign buddies! How long is your treatment scheduled to go?

      The casual snacking cut back will be a good thing in my case. There’s usually too much of that happening at my place of employ. Not good during the holidays.

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