The Luxury Wish List

Dear Santa,

Along with the lovely fashion photo books I mentioned in the previous post, I’d also like to direct you, gently of course, to this year’s Neiman Marcus holiday catalog for gifts that I think are pretty fabulous. As you are well aware, every year Neiman Marcus comes out with The Christmas Book, basically a collection of ridiculous, extravagant and yes, luxurious gifts. This year is no exception, but Santa, I think I’ve been really good.

First, what do you think of this little Tory Burch family chariot electric tricycle? For rides along the Embarcadero and such. It’d be the gift that keeps on giving.

Tory Burch Family Electric Chariot Tricycle, $4500

Also, so that I’ll keep taking pictures, a vintage Leica is a good idea, too. You support my hobbies, right Santa?

Leica M9 Neiman Marcus Edition Camera, $17,500 (only 50 exist worldwide)

Santa, it’s also getting harder to get all our friends together, the older we get and the farther apart we live. To help with that, a tequila tasting party hosted by Colin Cowie and Avion tequila would be a huge help!

Tequila Avion Private Party, $125,000

And Santa, like I said, I think I’ve been pretty good this year. If you can’t swing any of the above, what about this custom Dave Chihuly pool installation? If it’s good enough for the Bellagio, isn’t it good enough for your girl Victoria?

Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation, $1,500,000

Thanks, Santa! As always, you’re the best.

XOXO and a huge plate of gingerbread cookies,



{Image Credits: Neiman Marcus. Gift ideas found via Fashionologie}

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