Schumacher Wallcovering

It seems like there was a time in the not too distant past that wallcovering was considered very passé. Maybe it’s because the popular papers of the 70s and 80s were a bit…well…shall we say visually cacophonous. This wallcovering, only recently removed one of the offices in my place of employ, comes to mind:

I know, yikes.

But I’ve had complete faith that when well-designed and well used, wall covering is still a fantastic tool to help bring life into a space. Last week over at From the Right Bank, Ally featured a bit of wall covering from Schumacher that was covered in whimsical, unique line drawings of famous Paris monuments. I thought it was fantastic.

I ventured on over to the Schumacher site to see what other types of wall covering they had, and holy moly did I hit the wall covering and fabric jackpot. It’s really a shame that we don’t plan on buying a home any time soon, because there are SO many amazing designs I’d love to play with. Either that, or I need a new upholstery project, quick.

From the timeless to the very bold, Schumacher’s got you covered. Most of the designs I liked came from the modern collection. Here are some of my favorites:

If you’re working on an upholstery project or thinking about putting up some wall covering, have a look at their site. If nothing else, you might find some inspiration!

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  1. 11.3.10

    I’m still obsessing over that Paris paper. :) You’ve picked some gorgeous ones here. I wish I just had more walls to paper!

    • 11.3.10

      Please tell me you’re going to go through with it and buy a bit of the Views of Paris for your butler’s pantry!