Owl Decor

I’m probably going to get some weird looks for saying this, but Halloween is my least favorite holiday of the year. The costume planning, the costume shopping — it’s all just not really my thing. If I could have it my way, I’d buy one costume, then dress up in it for every theme party and every Halloween for the rest of my life. Halloween: bah humbug!

You can probably imagine that when it comes to Halloween decorating, I’ve never been especially interested. But, I’ve recently come across tons of fun owl-themed accessories for the home, and happily, these are great substitutes for spooky Halloween decor. Owls seem to give off this kind of autumnal vibe, don’t you think? Plus, owls are cute, whimsical, and really, any of these pieces can fit in the home year round (I’m DYING over number 10…)!

(1) Owl door stop, Anthropologie; (2) Lamp, West Elm; (3) Rug, Barber & Osgerby for The Rug Company; (4) Napkin Ring, Jonathan Adler; (5) Owl Statue, Kohl’s; (6) Owl Print, Wal Mart; (7) Switchplate, Anthropologie; (8) Necklace, True2U Etsy; (9) Sculpture, Jonathan Adler; (10) Owl knob hardware, Anthropologie; (11) Vintage cast iron trivets; My Shabby Shoppe Etsy

And, to transition seamlessly from fall to winter…

Adorable little owl ornaments from West Elm. We’re planning on having a tree this year…these would make a festive addition!

Tell me — other than pumpkins ‘n such, how do you like to decorate for autumn? (UPDATED: Or, now that I think about it, DO you decorate for autumn??)

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  1. 10.21.10
    Jen said:

    I don’t do Halloween either. I had my fill of costumes during college in New Orleans!

    The owl trend is still going strong -I sell tons of owl merchandise in my store.