Design Inspiration: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

Forget food icons like Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal, or Ferran Adrià. Over the last year, one of the most fun things about exploring my interest in design has been discovering all the “household names” of the interiors world that are completely new to me.

One such design icon is Kelly Wearstler. Many of you may have heard of her, but if you haven’t it’s likely that you’ve seen her designs. Girlfriend is everywhere!

In taking a look at her portfolio, one thing I really admire about Kelly is her ability to make every single room she decorates so unique and tailored to that client. If you flip through a photobook of one of the residences she’s done, you might assume her style is zany, modern, sculptural. But the next project is something completely different — restrained, neutral, dare I say even traditional.

Here are some of my favorite Kelly Wearstler spaces…

This entry way has made the rounds on the blogosphere, but every time I see it, I still think it’s fantastic. Who else would have the guts to paint this on an ENTRYWAY? Kelly Wearstler, that’s who. And you know what? It works.

What a great outdoor space! I love the idea of having the floating bed for a lounge/seating area. So sexy, but casual too, ya know?

The first time I saw this image of the study with the glass cabinets filled with books, I gasped. Just lovely.

I think this might be my perfect sitting room. I love the fairly neutral color palate, the subtle use of pattern, and how well layered everything is. It’s interesting, without being cluttered. Fresh, without being overly feminine. That’s important when you’re dating a man with an opinion about how his house looks.

This photo is one of Kelly’s son’s bedrooms. Pretty nice bedroom for a kid, huh??

I absolutely ADORE this bar cart. I have been dying for a glass/brass bar cart set up for a while now. I really think the shape of this one — perfectly round — is so unique. Too bad this baby probably cost A LOT of money. Bar carts are oddly expensive.

So this is what I mean. Compare this bedroom and sitting area to the first photo in the series. You’d NEVER guess it was the same designer, right?

Kelly’s also done a number of well-known hotels and other commercials projects. I think these spaces are amazing!

At the Viceroy Santa Monica:

At the Viceroy Palm Springs:

At the Viceroy Anguilla:

So tell me. What do you think of Kelly Wearstler’s style? Have you ever stayed in one of the hotels she’s designed?

{Image Credits: High Fashion Home; Kelly Wearstler; Los Angeles Times}

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