A few things…

Really, I mean it. This site has changed so much over the last year, and it’s mostly because of how much the blogosphere, my readers, my friends and my family all inspire me. Thank you for allowing me to have this space to share my inspiration, my interests, and more importantly, thank you for sticking by and reading it.

A few recent changes: You may have noticed I’ve added a couple new pages to the blog — a recipe index, as well as my San Francisco favorites. If you normally read this site in your Google Reader, be sure to come on over to vmac+cheese and check out these new pages. They’re works in progress for sure, and I hope to update them regularly.

In the coming months, the site will be getting a tiny little face lift, which I think will help make reading and navigating the blog easier. Nothing too major (although, I say that now…famous last words, I’m sure).

And, I also never gave myself the official plug, so here goes: you should follow me on Twitter! Find me @vmacandcheese. It’s a different Twitter handle than I had when I first started tweeting, so if you used to follow me when I was @vmac_sf, make sure you update.

Thanks, y’all!

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