Catalog Living

A little humor this lovely Tuesday…

I’m a girl who likes flopping down on the couch and devouring a good catalog as much as anyone else. But I can admit that, on occasion, the styling of some of the shoots is pretty hilarious. A co-worker recently introduced me to the Tumblr Catalog Living. It imagines the catalog lives of one Gary and Elaine, and picks up on details I might otherwise have never even thought about! And of course, if you still can’t resist knowing where certain items came from, the site also lists sources.

The pushpins were left behind as Gary furiously ran to the store with the two notes they had previously held: “Buy fruit for second bowl” and “Buy fruit for third bowl.” (West Elm)
With Elaine out of town, Gary couldn’t even enjoy his favorite dinner of brie and tree branch. (West Elm)
Gary and Elaine are having a hard time adjusting to their new vegetarian lifestyle, partially because their dinner consists of a bowl of lettuce and two tomatoes, but more so because their plates offer a constant reminder of what they’re missing. (Pottery Barn)

It’s silly, and some are certainly sharper than others, but Catalog Living did make me re-examine catalog styling more closely!

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  1. 10.13.10
    Betsy said:

    Now THAT is funny!