Meet you at One King’s Lane

One of the most exciting aspects about my first apartment (if we’re being accurate, house) was that I could decorate it. Okay, cooking was up there too.  Confession: y’all, on my 20th birthday, I sat around the 5 bedroom house I was sharing with 5 other lovely individuals, made guacamole, and waited for a mattress to arrive while I put together IKEA furniture. Pretty much the best birthday ever. And Joe got me an ice cream cake. And there were margaritas.

But I digress…

Main idea: Decorating and snacks will always get me really hot and bothered.

If I think about this more, I have to say that snacks probably win out, for no reason other than decorating is expensive. Real expensive. Like, I get a tick when I think about how much money we’ve dropped outfitting our new place. IKEA can still be a great resource for certain basics (especially if you want to hack them!), but the older I get, the more I’m drawn to pieces that can really stand the test of time AND infuse a space with a true sense of style, while not breaking the bank. These types of items can be hard to come by.

Enter my new best Internet friend, One King’s Lane. Have you heard about this? You simply sign up, and an email is sent to you everyday, letting you know about new releases of items for sale on the site. Wares range from furniture, to art, to stationary, to linens, to dishes, to everything in between. Everything that makes your house a HOME.

Tonight I just discovered that for no explicable reason my stupid Gmail started sending all the One King’s Lane emails into Spam. I shrieked a little when I realized I missed out on sale items such as:

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Dammit, Google. X-tables are my current obsession. That first little joby would’ve been a perfect “bar cart” type table in the dining room. Note: Exhibit A was originally four-hundo; One King’s Lane price $189. Exhibit B was originally $293; One King’s Lane price $139.

Discounts on the site vary. I once saw Demeyere cookware on there for like 60% off, which is ridic. I think a 2 qt saucepan was like $45 or something crazy good. Currently, they are featuring a wide array of stationary that is about 65% off retail prices. And the site carries high quality shit. Said stationary was originally $50 a pack (why anyone would pay $50 for a set of 16 thank you notes is beyond me, but I guess letterpress is pricey).

Sometimes, items are still expensive, but have been deeply discounted such that if you can afford it (I usually can’t), it’s an amazing deal.

Ikat pillow; originally $375, now $175
Cocktail table; originally $3500; now $1699

Both of the above items need to come and live in my home immediately. Right after I win a million dollars at Cache Creek Casino.

Except I hate gambling. Drat.

Leather chair; originally $1240, now $599!!!!

If for nothing else, it’s fun to see what items show up in your inbox each day. And it’s all free of charge! If you’re looking to spruce up your home, I’d definitely recommend signing up. Try it! We can obsess together.

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  1. 4.13.10
    Susannah said:

    okay, i’ll bite…i just signed up. as you know i am desperate to do some updating to my apartment. i just get overwhelmed with all the choices though! when are you coming to visit and help me decorate?

    • 4.13.10
      vmacandcheese said:

      And also, maybe sometime this summer? I am blowing so many vacay days on Paris…it might have to be a quick weekend trip, a la fly down Friday night, and back up Sunday afternoon! Let the decorating dash begin…

  2. 4.13.10
    vmacandcheese said:

    How did you know I wanted you to sign up? :)

  3. 4.27.10
    susannah said:

    tell me when you want to dash in and out of LA, i will provide the prosecco :)

  4. 4.27.10
    susannah said:

    and i’ll provide a bed & bath, albeit in an ugly room.