Friend me?

A friend of a co-worker of mine received a Facebook friend request today from some dude named Kevin. Kevin, friendly as ever, sent along a note with his request, copied below. For the record, names have been changed to protect those that should be sort of embarrassed at their awkwardness.

And also, for the record, Laura has absolutely no idea who Kevin is.

Hi Laura. I’m Kevin. I went to high school with Jose. How you doing? I’m okay. Just working on a fantasy novel I’m writing. I like basketball a lot and video games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Mario) and music (hip hop, jazz, rap, trance, techno, classical) and movies (Princess & the Frog, Transformers, Lion King, Training Day, Rush Hour). What about you? Have a great day.

I hope you people laugh at this as much as I did. I only WISH I could receive random Facebook notes like this. I’ve been laughing about it for like 15 minutes.

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