My other Valentine

Oo-ee. This was quite a grand weekend.

First off, it was a LONG weekend. Long weekends are never a bad thing.

And new furniture arrived.

And there was dim sum. And braised lamb shanks. And an awesome new book that a co-worker recommended.

And, there was a very lengthy ten mile walk on Valentine’s Day. Fret not, it wasn’t a forced march. The weather was so beautiful, that we decided to take full advantage of it. The city was so, so beautiful on Sunday. Don’t tell him, but I think I might’ve cheated on Joe with San Francisco.

We walked from our house, to eat dim sum, and then up through the Presidio, to Baker Beach, and then half way across the Golden Gate Bridge. My feet hurt a little afterward, but I was rewarded with some salami. And wine. And burrata.

This weekend did not suck.

Photo evidence:

Nearly two miles into our walk…

…and at one of the swankiest intersections in town.

I like to pretend these are cherry blossoms. You see these trees everywhere this time of year.

Much, MUCH more after the jump….

A strong and masculine subject, after those sissy flowers.

This looks like I took this shot with a wide angle lens, almost. I wish. (Note Alcatraz in the back)

Shrouded in mist

The Headlands. I feel like a lucky gal.

Ok, I lied. This part of the Valentine’s walk was a forced march — on the way back up, that is.


Baker Beach…with the tiniest hint of fog or mist or something over the water.

That looks cold. I’ll just take a picture, thank you.

Oh, hello, Golden Gate Bridge. Will you be my Valentine?

Hey, where’s Waldo?

Oh, I love how this one turned out. The water seems so powerful, but beautiful.


Do I really live here? Is this real life?

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  1. 2.22.10
    reena said:

    such beautiful photos!! you are a pro!