Reading Lonny. Send Help.

This post is not about anything I’ve cooked lately. I had some sliced Molinari salami, chips and salsa, and some pepperjack cheese for dinner last night. I’m embarrassed that I even just wrote that.

The junk food dinners might be happening because a lot of my energy has been focused on furniture lately. Like, beyond all logic and reason, I’ve been totally inspired and afflicted by all these beautiful design blogs, and (online) interiors browsing  has become my downtime passion.

I mean, check out this bed Anthropologie featured today in a marketing email:

I. Love. This. Bed. The bedding itself is fine, even better if I lived in a tropical locale, but that BED! Oh my.

The problem with my affliction is that most of my coveting will never, ever come to be. There was a treaty drawn up in our household many moons ago that requires most (if not all) furnishings be approved by both parties in the relationship. Joe would rather spend $2400 on theme party costumes for the rest of his life than on this bed. And Joe hates theme parties.

The  source for all this furniture lust can be traced back to a shopping trip we took a few weekends ago. We purchased all the furniture for our front living room (our old couch went into the second bedroom, which we’re using as a den/TV/room/man cave for Joe). All the goods arrive this Saturday, and I’m beyond excited. Add to that my relentless trolling of various Etsy shops (I ordered way too many fun accessories from High Street Market, a few of which are below), and you can understand that design has been on my mind a lot.

Mid-century modern wire basket
Vintage white ruffled pedestal bowl, milk glass

There should be a name for this condition. It’s expensive and time consuming. But it’s so fun! Who’s with me out there?

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