One step forward, two steps back

This was not the greatest week in goal progress.

First of all, beginning Tuesday, it rained every single day. When it’s raining, and the wind is gusting at 40 miles per hour, the last thing I want to do is walk in the maelstrom for 45 minutes. That’s excusable, right? So, because of the weather, I took the bus to and from work everyday. Which means I spent $16 extra dollars in bus fare, and gained back the 3 lbs I had lost from walking the week before. Two steps back, indeed.

While there’s more rain in the forecast this week, I’m hoping it’ll let up at the right times of day so that I can walk. To be honest, even though taking the bus home at night was very convenient (and got me home earlier than usual, which I like a lot), I didn’t like the stress of trying to make the bus, or finding a seat, or trying in vain to keep my drenched umbrella from accidentally popping open and soaking all the people around me (this very embarrassing accident unfortunately happened one morning, resulting in dirty looks from all the FiDi-bound riders around me…). Also, I’m pretty sure that this cold I’m currently recovering from was picked up by some lady who was coughing all over me while riding in to work on Wednesday. Because wouldn’t you know it, right on schedule Thursday afternoon, a sore throat and achy lymph nodes set in. No bueno.

While I didn’t take too many pictures this week, nor did I continue with my translation of the fabulous French children’s book Moi le loup et les chocos, I was able to catch up with my uncle, which was great. In case you couldn’t tell, that was pretty much my one step forward as far as goals go.

But oddly enough, even though it was a strange week, it was a great week. I was super productive at work. The apartment is starting to feel more and more like home. I feel less stressed out generally. Things are good.

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