Thanksgiving within reason

Tonight, as we finalized plans for Thanksgiving, our way:

Me: Okay, so we’ll go to the store tomorrow night to pick up the stuff for Thursday, right?

Joe: Right.

Me: I was thinking, did you want any oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert? I know they’re your favorite. Or maybe we should have ice cream instead?

Joe: Um, I think we should have oatmeal chocolate chip cookies WITH ice cream.

Me: Ooooh!

Joe: OR! Even better, why don’t we have oatmeal chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches?

Me: [nearly jumping up and down] Yes! With vanilla bean ice cream!

Joe: [obviously enthused] That sounds good.

Me: And maybe, I can even shave some dark chocolate, ooh!, maybe even that Scharffen Berger chocolate with caramel pieces in it, and then roll the outer edges of the ice cream in the chocolate!

Joe: [face going back to neutral]. That sounds complicated. That’s too over the top.

Me: Yes, we’re having hot spinach and artichoke dip for breakfast, a big dish of baked mac and cheese, homemade gyros, dolmas, and three bottles of red wine ready to drink, but by God, the chocolate shavings on our ice cream sandwiches will send this Thanksgiving into overdrive.

Joe: Exactly.


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