Can’t walk…

…due to my new personal trainer — Joe!

I’ve been in a rut lately with working out, in that I haven’t been doing it at all. But in trying to get back to it, I was having trouble getting motivated and getting any kind of REAL exercise done.

Tonight, Joe volunteered to be my trainer and give me a a regimen. And oh, did he ever.

He “made me” run/walk up six flights of stairs. At flight six, I had to stop and do “fun” mini-exercises: a mix of squats, burpees, sit-ups, and planks. After I did one or a mix of these, I had to walk up an additional nine flights. I’d take the elevator back down to the starting floor, then rinse and repeat. Times 3.5.

[Hilarious sidenote: to ensure that I actually completed the workout, Joe brought out one of our collapsible camping/tailgate chairs, parked it on the landing of the sixth flight of stairs, and sat there playing Solitaire on his laptop while I huffed and puffed. Only Joe.]

Standing in the kitchen afterwards, trying to make dinner, my legs felt like jelly. I think tomorrow, they’ll feel a lot worse.

A personal trainer who kicks my butt, and only costs a few smooches? I guess it’s worth the pain.

We’ll see how long this lasts before I revolt.

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  1. 10.13.09
    Steph said:

    Hahahahahahah, I can totally picture him there in that chair. Good for you for sticking to it! Keep up the good work! Hope your legs return back to normal soon…

  2. 10.29.09

    Wow, he is totally whipping your butt to shape. Good luck with the work out! And hope that it would not lead into a big conflict. :D

    • 10.30.09
      vmacandcheese said:

      No conflict yet. This is probably because I couldn’t walk for three days after this workout, so I told him he’d over did it and was fired as my trainer. As you can see, I take my exercise regimen seriously. :)