Grandma inspired room

I saw this image on Design*Sponge today, and my first thought was “grandma!”


Isn’t it funny how trends just recycle? My grandmother has a wallpaper similar to this one in the guest bathroom of her house. Here’s the pattern (it’s a bit dark because of the lighting, but you can totally see the resemblance–metallic sheen and all):


The bright yellow fabric on the banquette reminded me of these large yellow striped beach towels my grandmother always used at the pool. She bought them at Giorgio Beverly Hills in the 80s. Oh god, I hope this doesn’t mean ALL trends from the 80s will be back in vogue (I’ll be one unhappy camper if shoulder pads suddenly make a cameo). We already have plaid shirts for fall — isn’t that enough, oh great Design Gods?

I don’t have pictures of it, but the peacock drawing/painting remind me of works she has up in her guest room. And the bright pink paisley pillows are reminiscent of a 70s lime green paisely-inspired couch she used to have in her main living area. Now that I’m writing all of this, I think she would die if she knew how much I was revealing about her former interior design style.  It’s funny how seeing one design image — and supposedly “contemporary” at that — can take you back about 20 years!

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