Two nights ago as I was coming home from the chiropractor (another story) I nearly stepped in a half-filled catheter bag (catheter still attached!) on a very highly-trafficked sidewalk in the Financial District. I could tell it was a catheter bag because of the remaining contents — the bag had kind of folded over, so that half of the liquid could leak out all over the sidewalk (dammit, San Francisco), and the other half was trapped by the crease in the plastic.

I have questions about this.

Of course, the obvious. Who the hell leaves a catheter bag lying on the sidewalk DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY? How did they manage removing the catheter and the bag with no one seeing them? Had they removed it in a private place, and then discarded it on the sidewalk? Perhaps they had removed it somewhere else, and were carrying it around to take samples of the contents at home — um, but why? (And ew!) If they need a catheter, shouldn’t they be resting or something? If there was some kind of catheter emergency, why didn’t they go into the deli that was TEN FEET AWAY FROM THE DROP SPOT and remove their device there? And finally — could they not have thrown away their bag in the trash can that was TWO STEPS from where they left it, so as not to  confuse young women who will feel the compulsion to blog about it later?

The funny thing is, if you think a catheter bag is bad, you can’t even IMAGINE what I came across on my way to the bus stop two weeks ago. Let’s just say the only remedy for it was kitty litter, because I think the sanitation department couldn’t get much nearer to clean it up.

Seriously people, this is how the plague spread. The ‘burbs aren’t looking so bad right now.

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  1. 9.11.09
    jamie said:

    Okay this is probably one of the grossest things ever. hahaha funny that it was the first entry I read of yours though!

  2. 9.11.09
    vmacandcheese said:

    I know, I know! I joined 20SB yesterday and was all, “ohh. people who come to my blog are going to think i’m a total weirdo.” thanks for reading though! :)