Life + Lemons

Last weekend, my friend Brian was in town from Los Angeles, so Joe and I took the train down the peninsula to hang out with him Saturday afternoon.  It was a perfect fall day: just warm enough, breezy, and we had plenty of snacks, college football and lawn games to keep us entertained.

The best part about the afternoon (other than seeing our friend AND me beating everyone at croquet) was picking a whole bunch of Meyer lemons that were hanging heavy on the tree in his backyard.  I hauled them back up to the city, and stuck them in the refrigerator, where they sat all week, not quite forgotten.

Tonight, as I made dinner, Joe rediscovered the lot of them, and we immediately went to work making Meyer lemonade.  I’m lucky that like me, Joe likes his lemonade a little more sour than sweet.  Read into that as you will.

The lemonade turned out fabulously, and I’m happy to say we have a huge pitcher of it left — enough to get us through what’s looking to be a very warm weekend.

Which begs the question:

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