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  1. 8.1.08
    Rachel said:

    I’m not so certain it can be explained. For reals.

    I used to have 4 of ’em a day, but now on a typical day I have 1. I guess it’s the caffeine without extra calories thing?

  2. 8.1.08
    vmacandcheese said:

    I think so. Yesterday at my place of temporary work, I unloaded no less than 75 cans of Diet Coke into the staff fridges. By mid-next week, they’ll probably all be gone.

    I used to pound Diet Coke in high school, until my advanced bio teacher pointed out that it leaches a lot of good stuff from your body. And just like that, it wasn’t so delicious anymore.

    Loves your blog, Rachel! (Found by way of janyxu.com)

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