Late Night

I would never make it in PR because I a) am terrible at small talk, and b) I really, really enjoy eating lunch by myself at my desk.

Like today, for instance. It was too cold to eat anything except soup, so I nursed a large bowl of Southwestern corn chowder at my work station while catching up on the world’s most important news stories. For instance, did you know Brooke Hogan officially needs to have her mouth sewn shut? Or, more importantly, that Top Chef is taking it to the next level?

And, reason b.1: not only do I actually like to sit by myself, head down, avoiding conversation, happily stuffing my face for half an hour, surfing the internet with crumbs all over my shirt, but I knowingly and willingly do this even though I SIT AT THE RECEPTION DESK OF THE OFFICE.

Never was there a more unworthy PR bunny than I.

Welcome to the new VMAC + Cheese. That’s me.

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