Apparently, I spent too much time in Berkeley last weekend

Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve been in a bit of a freelance doldrums lately.  See, part of the beauty of being a young fledgling writer is that you’re FLEDGLING.  You have to embrace the fact that you don’t know when your next big break (or your next paycheck for that matter) is coming.  The payoff is that you can sleep in when you feel like it and arrange lots of fun lunch dates.

When I get into said doldrums, I usually try to take a step back and see what I could be doing differently in life to redirect energy and get some momentum.  And last Friday, I decided more energy needed to be focused on my workspace.

I have a dark wooden desk from Ikea that has a huge worktop.  Like much of the furniture in my apartment, it’s a leftover relic from my collegiate days, a piece I bought in the hopes of making my room look a bit more grown-up, and a lot less dormy.  I absolutely love it, though given the choice, Joe would gladly have used it last weekend as campfire scrap wood.  He says it’s too big and bulky, which is funny, considering HIS desk.

So anyway, my desk.  And the energy.  On Friday, I went into the Container Store fully intending to spend no more than $20 on a nice file box.  Running a self-proprietorship equates to lots of papers, see, and my tiny desk file cabinet was choked with documents.  A fun new file box would give it an assistant to hand off a bit of its work load.

True to form, I walked out of the store with $100 worth of crap.  It was worth every penny.

Fast forward to today.

Today, a few part time work offers and freelance gigs starting bubbling up, quite unexpectedly, I must say.  As I was on the phone with my mom, excitedly relaying her the good news, I starting thinking about all the positive energy I’d put into my office space.

“Mama,” I asked, “Don’t laugh at me, but do you think it’s possible to have put good, clean, organized energy out into the world, and the universe is repaying me with freelance work?”

“Maybe,” she said, always one to encourage me and my grand ideas, “I’m sure it’s possible.”  It’s nice to think about anyway.

Good vibes or not, would you LOOk at these adorable photo boxes!!!:

And my fancy new organized bookshelf!  And my fun new above-desk drawers, full of more little boxes that hold paper clips and things!:

Whether some of these gigs pan out or not, it’s nice to have some wind in my sails and feel like I’m out of the doldrums — for the next few weeks, at least.

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