Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the nuts and bolts

+ How do you accept payment?

I send invoices digitally via Freshbooks, which allows you to pay through PayPal or with the credit/debit card of your choice. I can also accept personal check for certain projects.

+ What are your payment terms? When will I be billed?

For design projects, your proposal and Client Service Agreement will discuss the payment terms and I’ll let you know when you’ll be invoiced. Typically, design projects are billed in two increments, with a 50% deposit due at the time of contract signing. The notable exception is media kit designs, which I typically bill in full before work begins. For all projects, you will need to submit your deposit in order to hold your place on my design calendar.

+ What's the intake process like?

The majority of web design projects will receive a customized proposal, once I learn more about your project and all your needs. I create customized proposals to help walk you through the studio’s design process, and also break down how your budget is allocated. This way, you can prioritize as needed. Once the proposal is accepted, you’ll receive a project confirmation, client service agreement (basically, a contract) and a deposit invoice. After those items are taken care of, you’re officially a design client! 

Miscellaneous questions

+ Wait...I thought you offered Photoshop Tutorials. Do you not offer those anymore?

Unfortunately, at this time I am no longer offering video chat based Photoshop tutorials. If you’re looking for a place to learn, Nicole’s Classes are great, and depending on your budget, Blogshop is a good option too. At some point I may choose to bring these back, but for now, this service is no longer available!

+ Do you have any free blog resources you can recommend?

Definitely! I have written several blogging related posts over on my blog. You can also check out my wonderful developer Lisa’s Blogkeeping series, as well as IFB.


 Questions about Blog, Website,
and Media Kit Design

+ How do I get on your waitlist?

Check this page to see the next month I have spots open. I’ll take on new clients on a first come, first serve basis (and assuming that I’m excited about your project, too!). You’ll need to submit your deposit in order to secure your place on my design calendar. I typically only work on a small number of projects per month, and the number of projects I’m able to accommodate may also vary at different times of the year.

When you submit an inquiry, be sure to provide as many details as you can about your design project, which can help expedite the client intake process and help us each determine if I’ll be a good fit for you (in other words, it can help you get on the list faster!). Note that submitting an inquiry does not automatically secure your place on any waitlists.

+ How long does a blog or website design typically take?

Depending on the nature of your particular design, from concept to installation, it can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks. A lot is dependent on the platform, and how many features we’re working on for your site. Note that this does not include any project lead times.

+ What platforms do you design for?

Right now I primarily design for For clients interested in e-commerce, I’m able to design for Shopify*, as well as WooCommerce. Please contact me if you have a specific e-commerce platform in mind, as it may be an option.

*denotes affiliate link

+ I'm new to WordPress and need a host. Do you have host server recommendations?

Yes! For most blogs, starting off with a host like BlueHost* is a great option. It’s affordable, easy for developers to use, and very reliable. Sites with high amounts of traffic or who have significant memory and storage needs could benefit from using a host such as Media Temple*. Some hosts, such as Media Temple and FlyWheel, offer WordPress specific hosting so you don’t have to worry about updates. I’ve also heard great things about A Small Orange!

*denotes affiliate link

+ What can I expect this to cost?

It all varies so much based on your particular design needs, the nature of your website — so many variables! Best to contact me so we can discuss your specific needs, vision, and create a customized quote.

+ I’m so confused about the difference between and Help!

Check out the differences here. If you have additional questions about which platform is right for you, you can email me.

+ Do you assist with smaller design projects, like helping me with just a logo or creating an item for my blog's sidebar?

Typically, no. Due to the nature of how my projects run and my own time constraints, I prefer not to take on a la carte projects like this.

+ I’m having issues with my blog/website. Do you offer tech support?

Blog design packages all come with some support after installation. Either Lisa or I can typically help with basic troubleshooting issues, especially if it’s just a matter of showing you where certain things live and how they work on your site.

+ Am I allowed to keep the files you’ve designed for me for my own use?

In a nutshell, yes. You’ll own the rights to your brand art, but I just ask that you not alter anything significantly without letting me know first. For websites, I also ask that you keep a site credit on your site, as designed. Things like custom templates or graphics should not be re-sold or shared without my permission first. For media kits, the kit price includes Photoshop files that will allow you to update text within the document, so that you can revise your media kit as your blog grows!