On: The Nuts and Bolts

  1. What would you say you do here?
  2. How do you accept payment?
  3. What are your payment terms? When will I be billed?
  4. What's the client onboarding process like?
  5. How do I get on your waitlist?
  6. Wait...I thought the studio offered Photoshop Tutorials. Do you not offer those anymore?
  7. And are you still offering consulting services?
  8. Do you have any free blog resources you can recommend?

On: The Design Process

  1. What platforms do you design for?
  2. I'm new to WordPress and need a host. Do you have host server recommendations?
  3. What can I expect my project to cost?
  4. I’m so confused about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Help!
  5. Do you assist with smaller design projects, like helping me with just a logo or creating an item for my blog's sidebar?
  6. I’m having issues with my blog/website. Do you offer tech support?
  7. Am I allowed to keep the files you’ve designed for me for my own use?
  8. I’m interested in having a media kit/sales sheet designed for my business. Do you have an examples of kits you’ve designed?