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I haven’t been able to get this line from Kevan Lee’s article (from last week’s Week/End post!) out of my head. It’s a good one. I highly, highly recommend you read his essay if you haven’t already. Things have been a little nuts around here this summer on the personal life front, and I got some news yesterday that certainly doesn’t help matters…so it’s times like this when you have to have a little perspective. Sending this thought off into your world in the hope that if you’re wondering what the hell is going on in your life, that you can find comfort in the fact that anything is possible, and we’re always going to end up right where we need to be.


This month's quote: "Take your pleasure seriously."

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**UPDATE** I realized about a week later that I totally effed up this quote. See the end of this post!

I love this quote from the book 10% Happier, which I mentioned reading back over here (yes, yes, another quote from it. This should tell you something!). I’m nearly finished with it, and have done a ton of book “highlighting” in my Kindle. Funnily enough, this quote was used in a political context by its speaker, but I thought it especially apt for pretty much every circumstance in life — and it’s a great thought to carry with us into the work week ahead. I’ve really enjoyed the book and am going to chat more about it soon, I promise!

Meanwhile, the quote felt especially apt today, because while I had a laid back, low key weekend, for a lot of it I wasn’t feeling too hot. We spent part of the afternoon on Saturday at Joe’s nephew’s 3rd birthday party, and I’m thinking that we both picked up a bug from one (or all?) of the kiddos, especially since we’re never around little ones. The good news? It meant we did absolutely nothing yesterday except eat chicken soup and watch a weird assortment of movies about surfing (don’t ask). The bad news? There is none. Even with a virus, the lounging was pretty spectacular. Hoping with good eating and lots of rest this week, I’ll be ready for 30th birthday celebrations this coming weekend. Bring on my last week as a 20 something!

What do you have in store this week?

Update: Okay, so, I was going back through highlighted parts in my book, and realized I totally misquoted Mr. Axelrod. He actually said, “All we can do is everything we can do.” Hm. Similar sentiment, but I kind of like mine better. It must mean something that I switched out “everything” with “the best” subconsciously, right? In light of the fact that I completely, unintentionally botched his quote, I’ve removed his name from the original graphic that was published here. Sorry, guys (and David Axelrod)!

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it all begins and ends in your mind

I’m in the middle of this great book called 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story. Don’t let the world’s longest book title fool you — this book has been very fun and interesting to read. It follows the journey of Dan Harris, ABC national news anchor, from the moment (actually, moments) he had a nationally televised panic attack, to what got him to such an anxious state, to his exploration of meditation and getting to know himself better so that the voices in his head would shut up. I plan to write a longer post about it, but honestly, the crux of the book is this quote. And yes, it sounds really simple to not give your thoughts power, but as we all know, it’s certainly easier said than done.

Anyway, I came across the above quote on Pinterest, and thought it was ironic given the book I’m reading. I’m actually trying out a few of Dan’s mind-calming techniques this week, and will definitely post soon with a full book (and practice) report. Stay tuned.

Have you read this book? Any thoughts? (Ba dum bum).


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