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if you have no tolerance for failure, you will not create anything - quote by brene brown

You know Brené Brown, yes? Author of Daring GreatlyThe Gifts of ImperfectionRising Strong? She gave a TED Talk on vulnerability in 2010, that’s currently the fourth most watched TED Talk of all time?

Yes, that Brené Brown.

Anyway, she’s one of my faves, and she was a keynote speaker at SXSW a few days ago. I was reading coverage about her talk, and this quote — one of many gems she’s dropped throughout her books and talks and interviews — really stuck out to me. I think no matter your work or your interests, we’re hard-wired to respond to the fear of failure (and to prevent it at all costs, if not view it as a very negative thing). But I’ve found that recognizing the fear and leaning into it (and hopefully pushing past it) has brought about some of the most satisfying turns in the road for me — whether they’re small, like a project taking on an exciting new direction, or big, like starting my own business. And of course, when you do find yourself in the midst of a shitstorm, train yourself to remember Brené’s advice: when you learn from a “failure,” it’s no longer a failure at all.

How do you respond to the fear of failure? Can you think of any “failures” you’ve experienced, but more importantly, what you learned from them?


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"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

The Word

the cure for anything is salt water

We went down to Half Moon Bay this past weekend, like we did on the Fourth of July. It was such a relaxing, peaceful afternoon, and it reminded me of this quote (one of my favorites for years). Between frequent beach trips and lots of good sweat sessions recently, it’s been proving itself true over and over (no tears as of late, but let’s face it, that part is accurate as well!). These are words I come back to time and time again, and hope they give you perspective too.

I especially wanted to share this picture I snapped while we were walking along the beach, because the patterns the waves made in the wet sand were so beautiful! I hadn’t seen anything quite like it, or at least, with this much contrast and detail. Mother nature really makes the most stunning art.

Joe and I had this conversation on the beach, so I thought I’d ask you, too: What’s something that always brings you tranquility, perspective, and/or never fails to make you feel better? For me it’s yoga, the beach, cooking a great meal at home, and…a nap. Serenity now, for reals.


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go deep

I started putting together a list of links for this week, but to be honest, it was a short list and I didn’t want to fill it with fluff, so instead, I thought I’d share this quote that came up in my Facebook feed earlier in the week. It’s an old post from Humans of New York, but I think it’s one of the best things I saw all week. The quote is a response to the photographer asking the subject, “If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?” She responded, “Go deep.” Very wise, no? Something to keep in mind if any waves came your way this week…or are on the horizon for next! But in between them, I hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend. We’re taking it easy for the most part, though heading up to Napa for the day on Sunday to hopefully catch some warm weather and sunshine. Any fun plans before the Fourth of July?


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