I’m Open: 6 Split Back Tops I’m Loving

I’ve been coveting split back tops and sweaters for fall ever since I saw this outfit Mackenzie wore while sailing. Isn’t it just the epitome of effortless chic? Club Monaco always seems to be a great source for split or open back anything, from sweaters to rompers and jumpsuits; I spotted this one over the weekend, and added it to a “must purchase for fall” list I have running in my head. As counterintuitive as it may seem, a cashmere split back sweater is perfect if, like me, you tend to overheat easily, even in cooler months (I think everyone can relate to that period in the late summer/early fall where you can’t yet break out coats, you kind of want to wear a sweater, but you really hate sweating in them…amiright? Additional aside: it just struck me how funny the word ‘sweater’ is…like, outside of the gym, who wants to wear something that makes you sweat?).

Now that you’ve made it through my rambling thoughts on sweaters and perspiration, I’m going to answer the question many of you are probably asking: if the split back on a top is high enough, what do you do about the whole bra situation? Well, you can always choose to rock the band, especially if your lingerie is lovely and lacy and you want to make a little bit of a statement. But for a true open back look, let me point you to the Nu bra. I actually bought one of these before I got married, to test with my dress — I wasn’t sure whether I’d wear this, a strapless, or nothing at all if the corseting was enough. Though it didn’t work with my wedding dress, I ended up keeping the Nu bra, because it’s a great item to have around exactly for items like these tops. You probably aren’t going to want to go dancing in one, but they work great for everyday tasks/movements, and I have found I’ll use it a lot in the summer time.

From sweating to inventive bras. The split back top might not be as effortless as it seems. But, I’m still sold on it. Do you love this look?


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Top image via Design Darling, photo taken by F.E. Castleberry

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Summer Essentials


Without even consciously realizing it, I think I’ve developed an unofficial checklist of items I make my way through each summer. I was reflecting on it when I was brainstorming ideas for this post (which is another link up that Meg and I are hosting at The B Bar — you can see all the participating blogs at the end!), only to realize that without fail, there are a few things I’ve done every summer as an adult. It’s like clockwork — the calendar hits June, and the urge strikes to check each of these items off my list. To get real with you for a sec, I think it’s partially because early to mid-summer is actually a very personal time for me. My dad passed away in mid-July when I was 9, about two weeks before my birthday. So I think I always feel like mid-June to mid-July is a time for a little more self-care, before my birthday arrives and usually brings me out of any doldrums.

But all that being said, summer is still such a wonderful time of year for me, and I always try to make the most of it with a few different traditions. Here’s what’s on my summer essentials checklist (read on; I’d love to know what’s on yours!):  Read the full post +

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Review: M. Gemi Felize Loafers

Talk about obsessed.

m gemi review

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned the new-to-me shoe brand M. Gemi in this post. I had been obsessing over a specific pair of loafers they had, which appeared to be out of stock. Well, update time: since telling you about the company in early June, I’ve since gotten my paws on said loafers and totally fallen for this brand. I’m hooked, and wanted to share a quick review of the shoes and my experience for anyone else who’s been thinking about purchasing from M. Gemi.

First, how did I even get the shoes when all of the Felize loafers were waitlisted? Well, apparently, that waitlist really works. I’m not sure why I hesitated (maybe because product waitlists always feel like a nice way to say, “You can have this item if you remember to order it in 4 months.”), but I did end up pulling the trigger, creating an account and getting on the waitlist for a pair of the “orange peel” Felize loafers. Low and behold, I got an email that a pair of the shoes were available in my size the same day I signed up. Actually, clarification: I got a welcome email from M. Gemi at 12:49pm. At 2:18pm, I got an email saying the shoes were available. Not bad, if you ask me! My guess is that because the products are handmade, they can’t always release what’s actually available on the site, so if you sign up for a waitlisted product, they can more easily dole out the goods and ensure you actually get your order. So waitlist: probably a good thing. Or maybe I just got that lucky and this was shoe kismet.  Read the rest of my review after the jump!  Read the full post +

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