9 Favorite Phone Covers for Spring and Summer

phone covers for spring and summer

I recently had a friend comment on the fact that I was still rocking a plaid iPhone cover from the winter time. Truthfully, life has been a little nuts in the last few months that shopping for tech accessories was pretty much last on my list of priorities. But yeah, even I can admit that there comes a point in the season when a red buffalo check pattern does little to celebrate sunny days and warmer temps. Off came the case!

And yet, a naked iPhone not only makes me nervous (my clumsiness!), but there is certainly something to be said for those little flashes of delight one gets when they see a pretty phone cover they really love, several times, on the daily. So the search for phone covers for spring and summer is on!

Just as recently, I’ve been spotting Sonix covers everywhere, which is where many of these pretties are from. Actually, I’ve been seeing Sonix designs for at least a year now, but only just put it together that this company is the one producing all these covers I’m coveting! Bahama makes me want it to be summer, stat; Autumn Stripe is a classic pick that’ll take you into, well, autumn; and this cover just makes me want brunch and rosé.

Many of my fave covers are only being made for iPhone 6, of course, but I’m trying to wait it out a few more months before I upgrade. After which time the next iPhone will come out two months later, and the vicious cycle will continue.

Do you switch out your phone covers on the regular? Which of these is your favorite? Any other cool resource for tech accessories I should know about?


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Bag Crush: Oliveve

the maggie tote - oliveve

zoe tote - oliveve

zoe tote in camel - oliveve

penny clutch - oliveve

Have you heard of the bag brand Oliveve yet? This New York based company was new to me until this very week, when I came across one of their bags while browsing the Shopbop sale (FYI: you can still get 25% off your purchase through tonight with code SPRING25). I was really drawn to the Zoe tote’s casual elegance — pebbled leather, coupled with a certain “cool girl” slouchiness would make this a perfect everyday bag in California’s delightful spring/summer temps.

I ended up googling Oliveve to learn more about the company and was pleasantly surprised. Launched in 2010, founders Lynn and Kristi met while representing various fashion and accessories designers, and teamed up to create their own line of handbags. All the bags are designed and manufactured in New York, and early reviews of the line (though now a few years old) pointed to great quality leather. I can’t wait to get my hands on one to see for myself.

Yes, that’s right. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of a 25% discount, so I scooped up the Zoe bag in navy (though I think the Maggie tote is just beautiful, too). Paired with white jeans and sandals this summer? Oh yeah. Many of Oliveve’s bags are sold out on their own website, but you can find them at these stockists (including Shopbop, Calypso, Anthropologie, and Free People!).

Aren’t they pretty??


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Wardrobe Workhorses

madewell glasgow satchel bag - on sale

Remember a few weeks ago when I was telling you about how black pants had become an indispensable item in my wardrobe — something I couldn’t live without? I was thinking about this the other day as I was getting dressed, and realized that the simplification process has extended far beyond pants. Recently, there have been a few items in my wardrobe that I’ve reached for over and over again, so much so that I’ve already looked online so that I can buy multiples of them (a sure sign that you know you really love something). Today I thought I’d share a few of these wardrobe workhorses, because honestly, they’re things I’d highly recommend you add to your closet!  Read the full post +

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