12 Sandals for Spring and Summer

Up until, well — yesterday! — I had exactly one pair of wearable sandals sitting in my closet. Casual-yet-cute sandals (i.e., NOT flip flops) are the kind of thing I don’t typically buy en masse, because I always feel I can’t justify multiple pairs since I don’t wear sandals all that much and for any large part of the year. Then, what inevitably happens is temps warm up, I break out the casual dresses, then fret over not having the appropriate comfortable, flat sandals to wear with any of them. I get by with my single pair, promising myself I’ll scoop up some sandals on sale at the end of the summer. And then I don’t. The following April rolls around. Rinse and repeat.

I decided this would be the year I grab a couple pairs of affordable sandals at the beginning of the season, so that I can give my tried and true sandals (they’re these, by the way) a respite. Lucky for me, it’s that time of spring when shiz is on sale anyway, so I ended up getting a pretty good deal even though the calendar just rolled over to month four.

Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale is on, meaning you can take 25% off your purchase with the code INTHEFAM (I took advantage and got these slotted thong sandals from Soludos, as well as these Dolce Vita sandals. Also, in non-footwear related news, I snagged a couple new bras from my fave brand, Natori — with these sales, you gotta strike while the essentials/basics iron is hot). Looking around, I realized Nordstrom is price matching (probably because of Shopbop’s sale), so if you like shopping there, a lot of prices have been reduced. My friend Jessica recently told me she got these sandals from Old Navy, and I (skeptically) asked her if they were actually that comfortable — and she confirmed that I’d be shocked at how comfortable and well made they are, given the price point. Fair enough.

Do you live in sandals during the summer? I used to growing up in Texas, but granted, nowadays I don’t live somewhere that’s extraordinarily hot — temps are probably in the 90s for a couple weeks, max — so in the spring and summer, I still keep other flats and booties in regular rotation. Do you have a go-to sandal that’s your most lived in and most comfortable? Share it below, in case anyone else needs a good traveling sandal rec for the summer season!


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Top image from J.Crew’s Pinterest and April 2016 Style Guide  ·  Graphics by Victoria McGinley Studio

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On the Classic Black Bag

classic black bags for budget and splurge

What color would you say all the handbags in your closet are? Quick inventory shows that mine are mostly varying shades of camel, pale tan, and navy, of all things. I only have one black handbag, and it’s always been a primarily “winter only” bag. I dunno — something about the black handbag felt heavy to me, like it was too serious and better suited for dreary winter days.

Recently though, I’ve been reevaluating my stance. I noticed I’d been bookmarking a couple different black accessories, notably this tote from Oliveve (one of my faves!), and this gorgeous crossbody saddle bag from Cuyana. When I found myself eyeing this black drawstring bucket bag (that top handle on it sold me!), I figured it might be high time to reverse my position. Below, a selection of gorgeous, classic black bags I’ve rounded up. It’s also worth noting that all the items marked with ‘Sale Alert’ are currently part of Shopbop’s spring sale, which runs from today through Saturday. It’s one of those tiered sales — you can get anywhere from 15% to 25% off, depending on how much you spend. Which is why I scooped up the Oliveve bag late last night. Insert pink-cheeked emoji here. I can’t say enough good things about this LA-based company — I bought the Zoe tote last year in a smaller size (in light navy, pre-black bag obsession) and love it.

What about you? Are you a classic black bag kinda gal? Or is your handbag a way to inject a little color into your everyday ensembles?

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Haute History: Tartans and Plaids

history of tartan and plaid

It’s been a while since I did an Haute History column, so today, I thought I’d chat with you about the history of tartan and plaid. It’s always been a winter staple, but with the advent of the blanket scarf, it seems especially popular these days!

First things first — what’s the difference? Well, as interior designer Scot Meacham Wood told House Beautiful, all tartans are plaids but not all plaids are tartans. He explains the difference from a pattern standpoint:

“All plaids and tartans are comprised of stripes (in varying sizes and colors) that meet at a 90-degree angle. We start heading into ‘tartan’ territory by looking at the geometry on the pattern. With most every tartan, the pattern on the stripes running vertically is exactly duplicated on the horizontal axis too. Basically, this matching pattern in both directions will create a grid. The warp and weft threads are then woven in a two-over-two “twill” pattern. When looking at a simple plaid, you’ll notice that the stripes — either in color, size, or pattern — are not the same in both directions.”

So that’s the difference design wise, but what about the history of each? Read the full post +

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Images: Scarf, Asos; Blazer, J. Crew