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shop the look for less - navy sweater dress with suede otk boots

From $940 to $290 — I mean, this is pretty obvious outfit math, right? I was actually inspired to put this post together because the Club Monaco look — which I love — was a repeating outfit for me last year. You see, last fall, I found these suede OTK boots from Michael Kors, and pulled the trigger on them when they went on sale. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure how often I’d wear them, as they felt like a departure from the other types of tall boots in my closet. I just knew I loved the way they looked! But actually, they ended up being my go-to boot last winter. I really can’t emphasize how lovely they looked with sweater dresses, leggings/tunics, and even jeans.
This outfit reminded me of that — and made me excited for the moment I can pull those puppies back out — so I figured I’d spread the gospel. Suede OTK boots with a sweater dress: good. And the even better news is, you don’t need to spend half a grand or more on the boots to recreate the look for yourself! Sadly, the MK Regina boots look different this year (bring back the 2014 version, please!), but I found these Steve Madden’s for $150. Not bad!

Have you indulged in the thigh high or over-the-knee boot look yet? I have suede ones and regular leather, and to be honest, suede is my preference!


18 OTK Boots, all under $300:


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Club Monaco Outfit:

Welted Wide Hat, $98.50   •   Raychel Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $249  •  Lisa OTK Boot, $595

The Look for Less:

525 America Sweater Dress, $97  •  TopShop Wide Brim Hat, $40  •  Steve Madden ‘Gorgeous’ OTK Boots, $149.95

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

10 Shoes for Fall

I’ve had no less than three conversations this week marveling at how we’re already into the first week of September. It’s crazy! I had a New York based client tell me yesterday that girls in her office building have already been seen donning booties and sweaters, despite the 94º temps in Manhattan (girls, y’all crazy), proof positive that no matter the weather, when the calendar turns to the ninth month, we all crave the coming autumn.

Here in SF…well, the story’s a little different. September usually ushers in our warm season, though this summer (and from my understanding, last as well) have felt like actual summers. For us, there’s likely no fall weather in sight, at least for a little while. After two brutal New York winters, I can’t say I’m complaining too much, but I’d happily take an evening in the low 50s so I could have an excuse to pull out a coat and any of the booties in this post. Aren’t they all beauties? I have zero justification for buying any new boots, as they are easily the #1 type of shoe in my closet, but what can I say? I’m a boot and bootie addict. Faves on my radar: these oxford style ones from M. Gemi, as well as these gorgeous cognac ones (their shoes continue to impress me, and this week marked the beginning of their fall boot debuts!), plus these cool, structural booties from Dolce Vita. In non-boot finds, these blocky-heeled houndstooth shoes are just plain awesome (hello, statement makers!), and I think these tasseled flats are adorable (hey, good reviews too!). I had also been eyeing these laser cut flats all summer, which one could totally get away with into the late fall here in California…and they just went on sale for 40% off!

Have you been doing any fall shopping as of late? Any good finds?


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I’m Open: 6 Split Back Tops I’m Loving

I’ve been coveting split back tops and sweaters for fall ever since I saw this outfit Mackenzie wore while sailing. Isn’t it just the epitome of effortless chic? Club Monaco always seems to be a great source for split or open back anything, from sweaters to rompers and jumpsuits; I spotted this one over the weekend, and added it to a “must purchase for fall” list I have running in my head. As counterintuitive as it may seem, a cashmere split back sweater is perfect if, like me, you tend to overheat easily, even in cooler months (I think everyone can relate to that period in the late summer/early fall where you can’t yet break out coats, you kind of want to wear a sweater, but you really hate sweating in them…amiright? Additional aside: it just struck me how funny the word ‘sweater’ is…like, outside of the gym, who wants to wear something that makes you sweat?).

Now that you’ve made it through my rambling thoughts on sweaters and perspiration, I’m going to answer the question many of you are probably asking: if the split back on a top is high enough, what do you do about the whole bra situation? Well, you can always choose to rock the band, especially if your lingerie is lovely and lacy and you want to make a little bit of a statement. But for a true open back look, let me point you to the Nu bra. I actually bought one of these before I got married, to test with my dress — I wasn’t sure whether I’d wear this, a strapless, or nothing at all if the corseting was enough. Though it didn’t work with my wedding dress, I ended up keeping the Nu bra, because it’s a great item to have around exactly for items like these tops. You probably aren’t going to want to go dancing in one, but they work great for everyday tasks/movements, and I have found I’ll use it a lot in the summer time.

From sweating to inventive bras. The split back top might not be as effortless as it seems. But, I’m still sold on it. Do you love this look?


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Shop the featured tops, plus a few more:

Top image via Design Darling, photo taken by F.E. Castleberry