7 Shoes for Fall

It hit the mid 60s in NY last week. Mama wants a new pair of boots.

There’s a tree on our block that, no joke, is beginning to turn yellow and orange. Last week, there were a few days cool enough that gentleman were donning blazers, and ladies broke out wooly, warm cardigans. August isn’t even over yet, but it’s unmistakable: there’s a distinct feeling of autumn in the air. I, for one, love it. I honestly think it’s a side effect of living in the Bay Area for 7 years, where fall wardrobes are in season virtually year round, but the outfits that make me feel most like myself are the ones I can wear in autumn. On my mind as I begin to gear up for the season? Shoes for fall. Because who doesn’t love a new pair of boots?

I’ve seen tons of menswear inspired oxfords this year, and I won’t lie, I’m kind of not into it (a clunky, blocky shoe on my short frame = clown couture). J.Crew has a more delicate suede loafer that I think makes a great substitute for the trend (the punchy red color helps matters too). They also created this truly incredible glitter pump. I’m usually not so into such whimsical statement shoes, but for some reason, these just felt so fabulous and special. Last year, one of my favorite pair of everyday booties was sent to me by Old Navy. Even with the crazy, snowy winter, they held up beautifully and are SO comfortable — I’m definitely going to investigate these perforated boots this year (I mean, c’mon, you really can’t beat that price).

Are you starting to take note of shoes for fall yet? Has it begun feeling like autumn where you live? Or is it still hotter than the blazes? I say bring on the cooler temps!




And a little PS – Thank you all so much for the kind comments and feedback yesterday! Please continue to let me know if you notice any glitches around the site. xx


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Splurge/Save: The Bow Flat

In which I spent 15 minutes debating between the two...

splurge or save - the gold bow flat

I spotted these adorable Kate Spade ballet flats the other day and immediately bookmarked ‘em. Contrast details? A gold bow to finish off a perfectly feminine, classic shoe? Yes, please! But then, over the weekend, these equally cute flats from Banana Republic popped up in my email Inbox. And even though the price differential between these two isn’t that drastic, the thing is, BR is always having those 40% off sales (like, on the daily, it feels like!) so the odds of scoring them with a good deal is pretty high.

Every gal needs a dainty pair of unabashedly girly flats like this in her wardrobe — but as we ease into another week, on this lovely Monday morning, the only question I have for you is: would you splurge, or would you save?

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Haute History: The Breton Stripe

True story: everyone's favorite sartorial pattern got its start in the military.

saint james tees

stripes and prints - a lacey perspective

the history of the striped shirt

This weekend, I’m attending a little Bastille Day dinner party, in honor of France’s biggest national holiday this coming Monday. I got to thinking about ways I could celebrate it here on the blog. A recipe? Nah. France travel guides? You guys are probably sick of that. Something about the Breton stripe? Oh, perfect.

Looking around, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the classic Breton stripe shirt actually has a very rich history. Who knew that this on-trend staple would be so rich with symbolism? I loved learning all the fun facts above — and verifying that this shirt is classically French for a reason! Did you know any of these historical tidbits? Either way, next time you wear a striped tee, you can blow your friends away with your Breton fashion knowledge (aka, everyone’s goal in life). And of course, if you need your own Breton striped clothing for Bastille Day, below you can shop a bunch of options:

Pilgrim Style
History of Fashion Week
Mary Janes


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