Flower Power

Some flowers to brighten your Tuesday.

jcrew floral metallic jacquard skirt - on sale!

anthropologie all black bold flower sneaker

photographic floral tee

boden eliza top

liberty london pocket square

jcrew dutch floral pants - on sale

Snowmaggedon has been in full effect over the last day. It’s beautiful in its own way, but with all the gray outside (and cold and wind and brr), I couldn’t help but be inspired by these bright, lush floral items I’ve been spotting. Here, a selection of specimens worth “picking.” Wonderfully enough, a couple of these items are on mega sale right now (these pants and this beautiful skirt, with the code FINDAFAVE), so if you like ‘em, snag ‘em now. Below are all my floral favorites, plus a few extras that caught my eye:



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J.Crew Collection Metallic Floral Jacquard Skirt (on sale with code FINDAFAVE!), $168  |  Anthropologie All Black Bold Flower Sneaker, $139  |  J.Crew Factory Photographic Floral Tee, $42.50  |  Sonix Fuschia Bloom iPhone Case, $35  |  Boden Eliza Top, $97.20  |  Anthropologie Seafolly Boyleg Maillot, $158  |  Anthropologie Woodblock Floral Shams, $58  |  J.Crew English Cotton Pocket Square in Liberty Chatham Bay, $40  |  J.Crew Dutch Floral Pants, $60

Botanical illustrations in this post are all by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, called the ‘Raphael of Flowers.’ He was an 18th century Belgian painter, who painted for Marie Antoinette, and survived the French revolution. I found an entire Pinterest board dedicated to his work (it’s beautiful); if you’re interested, you can learn more about him here.

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop, ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

Can’t live without…

black trouser pants

A little back story for today’s post. Recently in a meeting, Meg had the genius idea of starting a link-up series for The B Bar. I loved it! Here’s how it works: Each month, we post a topic or question on The B Bar’s blog, and anyone can answer the question or write about the topic on their own site. We compile all the links, and everyone not only posts their response, but links to all the other responses too. It’s a really neat way to share lots of different insights from many voices across the Internet! So yes, today is the first link-up in our series, and the question is a good one:




I love this question, though I have to tell you, I struggled to think of something non-business related* I’d bought last year that was truly invaluable. Maybe it’s my friends’ influence, but recently, everyone has been talking about tidying, and I’ve been on a simplifying and purging kick. Which just goes to show that most things really aren’t that invaluable! Here’s what I landed on: the thing I’ve purchased in the past year that’s become invaluable to me is actually several things, but they’re all basically the same: black pants.

A while ago, I wrote about developing a uniform, and I’m here to tell you that simplifying my wardrobe and wearing effectively the same thing every day has made my life a million times easier. I thought I would miss the self-expression in coming up with fun new outfits using the latest trends, but I just don’t. Typically when I go out now, I dress in some combination of black pants, and either white, camel, grey, or navy tops and outerwear. Shoes are the only thing that I tend to have more “fun” with.

For me, stocking up on several pairs of black pants in a variety of fits and materials has been invaluable. It’s so easy to just go to my closet, grab a pair, slip them on, and know that whatever I pair it with, I look pulled together, but are still comfortable. You can go anywhere in them — lunch dates, a night on the town, a dentist appointment, to a meeting with a client. Sure, I might “window shop” and feature all different types of clothes and trends here on the blog, but in daily life, simplifying what I wear has become invaluable, and black pants are a huge part of that.

emerson fry

Favorite pairs? Early in the fall, I actually purchased a pair of faux leather pants from Blank Denim. I was skeptical about them when they first arrived, but they’ve ended up being favorites, especially for evening outings. My pair has some interesting moto detailing, and I love the little bit of edge they give to any outfit! I also have basic black pants from both Old Navy and Gap, and I really love each. Both are stretchy and flattering, but have retained their shape well after many washes (in fact, the Gap ones I’ve actually had for probably 4 years and used to wear to my old day job, and the Old Navy ones I’ve had for over a year. Both are in great condition!). In the summer time, I could be seen wearing these harem-style black pants anywhere and everywhere. They are super lightweight, comfortable, and chic (and I can’t wait for spring time, to bust them out again).

So anyway, my invaluable thing is kind of two fold: one, realizing that adopting a uniform was a huge way for me to reduce the stress/anxiety around getting dressed every day, while also freeing up a huge amount of creative energy in my brain, and two, that black pants were the key to the uniform.

*A special little surprise too. While on our own blogs Meg and I are talking about a personal item that became invaluable, over on The Well, we’re discussing business purchases that were invaluable. Be sure to stop by to read an extra response from each of us!

And, here are all the participants from our first link up! Please swing by their sites to check out what each of these ladies named as their most invaluable purchase (you’re sure to get some great tips and ideas!).

Of course, I’d love to know — what’s something you’ve purchased in the past year that became invaluable to you?


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Images: Heist; Emerson Fry

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A Wedge Issue

I want these shoes. That is all.

sole society jillian d'orsay wedge

Every so often (and it’s really not THAT often), I see a product on Instagram and immediately want it. Such was the case last night, when I was scrolling through, and spotted these shoes on Sole Society’s account. I immediately hopped on their website and fell in love. Say hello to the perfect suede d’orsay wedge heel, basically a three-season shoe, in three fab colors, all for $70. Sign me up!

I really haven’t been in much of a clothes shopping mood lately (as I write this, it’s 19 degrees outside and snow is blowing sideways), but I love the feeling of discovering something new and pretty that gets you excited and inspired, so of course I had to share with you. I think I’m going to get the grey version!

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