The Man Behind La Dolce Vita

la dolce vita blog - man behind the blog

Ooh, I’m so excited for today’s Man Behind the Blog. I consider Paloma Contreras something of a blogging goddess and idol, and I know many of you do too. I mean, for one thing, La Dolce Vita was basically the first blog I ever read. And second, not only has Paloma been part of the blogging community for over six year and a half years (!!), she’s still producing wonderful, inspiring content that’s made her a permanent fixture in my RSS feeds. I can remember reading about her traveling adventures with her husband Fabian many, many moons ago, and was so pumped when he agreed to being featured here today. I think it’s really interesting to hear the perspective of a husband who — like their partner — has seen the blogging industry change so monumentally over the last few years. Here’s his take: Read the full post +

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

The Man Behind Much to My Delight

man behind the blog - much to my delight

I mentioned her blog a few weeks back, but if you have a minute and you haven’t done so yet, you should absolutely stop by Jenn’s hilariously fun blog Much to My Delight. To wit: since including her on my short list of blogs to check out, she’s written a two part series about being on Elimidate (which made me laugh out loud more than once); these posts only barely top last year’s adventures in spray tanning story. So of course, with all these laughs, I was dying to learn a little bit more about her husband Vin, who’s made many appearances on the blog, and who knows Brad Pitt (well, sorta). What say you, Vincent?  Read the full post +

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The Man Behind A House in the Hills

man behind the blog - a house in the hills

You know how some blogs just make you happy? That’s what Sarah’s blog does for me. Maybe it’s the gorgeous photography — always bright, cheerful, luminous. Actually, much like Sarah herself. I always love stopping by A House in the Hills for great natural living tips, beautiful recipes (that always encourage me to eat better and take care of myself), Sarah’s trademark, too-cool style, and also, for one of my favorite posts on a blog, ever. She’s mentioned her sweet husband Lou many times, and they’ve always seemed like two (extraordinarily talented) peas in a pod, so I couldn’t wait to hear what a photographer might have to say about blogging! Here’s Lou’s take:  Read the full post +