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First of all, thank you so much for all your comments and emails last week. This has been a tough experience for the three of us, but all the support (and hearing from dog owners who have been through the same thing) is really comforting. I’ll get to a Lucy update in a minute.

A few really fun things to share with you to kick off the week (is it cold where you are? Temps have really dropped here!). I can’t say enough good things about these sweatshirts from Everlane. Joe calls them my Bill Belichick sweatshirts, because the concept of a short sleeved sweatshirt confuses him. But you can ignore my husband — trust me when I say, these sweatshirts are amazing. They’re warm, but not too hot, soft, roomy, and chic enough to wear out (they’d look great with a pair of leather leggings — faux or not — and a big statement necklace). Plus, I can’t get over the price — only $30 each!

Gift guides abound online, and like previous years, I won’t be bombarding you with too many posts here. However (like previous years), I’m going to launch a little Holiday Shop sometime this week, with lots of gift picks from both big and small companies, as well as a link roundup with gift wrap inspiration, entertaining and recipe ideas, DIY gift ideas, and more. It’s nearly done — I’ll let you know when it’s live. But in the meantime, you should check out Restoration Hardware’s stocking stuffer collection. It’s one of my favorites to peruse every year, because they stock some of the coolest, most unique little gifts. I’ve bookmarked a couple different things to give to Joe!

So yeah, Taylor Swift. Who all has downloaded 1989? I kind of love it. You too?

The “Julie” from the movie Julie & Julia is pretty much one of the O.G. bloggers, so I have to give her props for that; however, when I originally saw this movie, I couldn’t wait for her scenes to end and Meryl Streep’s to begin. Luckily, someone has rectified that little problem — by cutting together all the Julia scenes from the movie, and eliminating all of the Julie ones. Poor Amy Adams. You can watch the whole thing here. Thank you for sharing this, Cass!

Finally, I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it again: where has this year gone? Here I am, ordering holiday cards. HOLIDAY CARDS. I can’t believe it. We’re ordering from Minted.com again, and like last year, I’m teaming up with them to host a giveaway here! Look for more details on that early next week; in the meantime, you should check out their card collection here and their art prints here (for you or for gift ideas!), to plan for what you’d get if you won the giveaway. :)

Okay, on to a little Lucy update.  Read the full post +

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Oy, what a week. Where do I even begin? My absence the last two days on the blog might not have felt too strange given my recent lighter posting schedule, but boy, was there a lot happening behind the scenes over here. Tuesday morning, I took Lucy out for our usual romp around Central Park, and snapped the picture above as we took a break from running around and ‘squirrel hunting.’ Little did I know what would happen just a few hours later.

On Tuesday night, Lucy suddenly developed a slipped disc in her spine, causing immediate paralysis in her front legs and near total paralysis in her back legs. Her scream and reaction when it happened were absolutely terrifying; at first, we thought she was having a seizure based on how stiff she became and how badly she was shaking (probably from how intense the pain was). This sounds dramatic, but believe me when I say I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way she screamed…it was really awful.

We rushed her off to the emergency room, at the time not knowing what the cause of her paralysis was. Because it was late enough at night, they didn’t have a team in place to do an MRI to confirm that it was a slipped disc, or where it was in her back. We had to leave her at the vet hospital’s ICU on Tuesday night, paralyzed and extremely scared — cue me sobbing the entire walk home. We were honestly terrified she might not make it through the night. The vet had warned us that because of where the suspected slipped disc was and the severity of her paralysis, they knew it was also in an area of the spinal cord that controlled breathing, so they were afraid she might lose her ability to breathe overnight as swelling increased. We didn’t slip a wink, and were dreading a call in the middle of the night.

The next morning, the neurology team arrived early and evaluated her, and recommended she go in for an immediate MRI, and pending the results of that, surgery. We went into meet with the lead surgeon late Wednesday morning, review her MRI results, and give permission for them to operate on her. The procedure involved removing all of the herniated disc material, and while they were in there, they could check and make sure her spinal cord hadn’t been damaged (which would cause permanent paralysis). The surgery started around 11am, and didn’t finish til nearly 5pm — it was a long day for everyone.

Luckily, the surgery went very well and it appears that Lucy won’t have any lasting paralysis. We got to spend time with her at the hospital yesterday in both the morning and evening. She’s pretty exhausted and a little down, but we’re super proud of her — she didn’t seem overly stressed and was mostly just glad to see us and snuggle (though her chill vibe might’ve been her pain meds!). The best news is that she has regained the ability to move all of her limbs, though for now, she can’t stand up on her own and will need a little time and care before she can walk again. Last night during our visit she was trying so, so hard to stand up, and I’m sure she’s very frustrated, but we’re not going to rush her and I take the fact that she’s trying so hard so soon after such an invasive surgery as a positive sign. We’re hoping to bring her home in the next couple of days (we’ll see how she’s doing and what the doctors say), after which she’s going to need a month of “bed rest” before ever so slowly going back to a normal routine. She’ll need some lifestyle changes too — no more stairs, and no more jumping onto or off of things, and she might not be able to rough house with other dogs quite as aggressively. This will help to prevent her from having to undergo another surgery in the future.

The highs have been really high and the lows really low this week. I was absolutely terrified for my girl (she’s my bestie, my love bug!). But seeing how she has gone through all this trauma with such grace and bravery has made me one proud mama. In any case, I wanted to share a little bit about what had been going on with all of you, because it felt really weird to just post Friday links and pretend like it was a normal week — trust me when I say, it was anything but. I’ll post some additional updates about Lucy’s condition on social media as she improves and comes home.

Hope all you have a restful, peaceful weekend, and be sure to give your loved ones an extra hug!


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