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Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to pop in and share a few things I’ve recently treated myself to — from late night binge watching, to fun new beauty products.

Work has been intense the last week or two, but in a good way — there are so many interesting challenges to meet with my current client projects! I’ve been using up a lot of creative energy there, so if posting seems kind of light over the next week or so, that’s why (though who knows; I feel like every time I say that, I get a burst of creative energy from somewhere and end up posting more). My usual cure for sparking creativity is to go for a walk or do something outside, but with the recent spate of freezing cold weather (and it’s snowing here today. Again.), walks in the park have not really been on the agenda. What do you do to re-spark creativity?

So as for these picks, every single one of these things are items I’ve recently purchased and are currently providing little bits of joy in my daily life. I’m especially glad to have tried Bite Beauty, which is a totally natural beauty brand that uses food-grade quality ingredients — you could literally eat their products. And, after not being able to stop thinking about it since mid-December, I finally popped into a Williams-Sonoma and purchased one of these French presses, in white. It feels both French country and modern to me at the same time, and I’m pretty obsessed with it!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

I’m Loving (and a Lucy update)

i'm loving and lucy

First of all, thank you so much for all your comments and emails last week. This has been a tough experience for the three of us, but all the support (and hearing from dog owners who have been through the same thing) is really comforting. I’ll get to a Lucy update in a minute.

A few really fun things to share with you to kick off the week (is it cold where you are? Temps have really dropped here!). I can’t say enough good things about these sweatshirts from Everlane. Joe calls them my Bill Belichick sweatshirts, because the concept of a short sleeved sweatshirt confuses him. But you can ignore my husband — trust me when I say, these sweatshirts are amazing. They’re warm, but not too hot, soft, roomy, and chic enough to wear out (they’d look great with a pair of leather leggings — faux or not — and a big statement necklace). Plus, I can’t get over the price — only $30 each!

Gift guides abound online, and like previous years, I won’t be bombarding you with too many posts here. However (like previous years), I’m going to launch a little Holiday Shop sometime this week, with lots of gift picks from both big and small companies, as well as a link roundup with gift wrap inspiration, entertaining and recipe ideas, DIY gift ideas, and more. It’s nearly done — I’ll let you know when it’s live. But in the meantime, you should check out Restoration Hardware’s stocking stuffer collection. It’s one of my favorites to peruse every year, because they stock some of the coolest, most unique little gifts. I’ve bookmarked a couple different things to give to Joe!

So yeah, Taylor Swift. Who all has downloaded 1989? I kind of love it. You too?

The “Julie” from the movie Julie & Julia is pretty much one of the O.G. bloggers, so I have to give her props for that; however, when I originally saw this movie, I couldn’t wait for her scenes to end and Meryl Streep’s to begin. Luckily, someone has rectified that little problem — by cutting together all the Julia scenes from the movie, and eliminating all of the Julie ones. Poor Amy Adams. You can watch the whole thing here. Thank you for sharing this, Cass!

Finally, I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it again: where has this year gone? Here I am, ordering holiday cards. HOLIDAY CARDS. I can’t believe it. We’re ordering from Minted.com again, and like last year, I’m teaming up with them to host a giveaway here! Look for more details on that early next week; in the meantime, you should check out their card collection here and their art prints here (for you or for gift ideas!), to plan for what you’d get if you won the giveaway. :)

Okay, on to a little Lucy update.  Read the full post +

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Sweatshirts from Everlane, $30 | Stocking Stuffers from Restoration Hardware | & Julia movie | Cards and Art Prints from Minted.com

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I’m Loving…

5 Fun Things to Brighten Your Week


Happy Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? Mine was so relaxing — good food, friends, impromptu naps on the couch, and a bunch of movies (we finally saw Gone Girl. Highly recommend!). The weather has been perfectly autumnal here, and this weekend I splurged a little early and indulged in one of my favorite fall rituals — the purchasing of a holiday candle. There’s nothing better than a pine-inspired candle burning when it’s chilly out! Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not even Halloween yet. Don’t judge.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve put together an I’m Loving post, and I’ve had a couple items saved up to share with you. First, you have to know about Bauble Bar’s latest guest bartender collaboration with Megan Rusner (1). You can read about her story here, and as part of this collection, Bauble Bar is donating 100% of their net proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Pretty cool! Next, I’m totally intrigued by this konjac sponge (2). I’ve tried these sponges before, and found they were gentle on skin, while also being great at exfoliating. This one has the added benefit of having French pink clay in it/on it — so you don’t need to use extra cleanser. And let’s be honest –I think this would just look pretty in the bathroom!

I spotted this clutch the other day (3) and thought it was really lovely. I love items like this that can match an occasion perfectly — like a holiday party, or New Year’s Eve — but are also versatile enough to pull out at other times of year. I kind of hate buying holiday specific clothing and accessories only to wear them once per year! The holidays have also been on my mind as far as gift giving, and I’ve had Oyster bookmarked for a while now (4). It’s one of a few new services that allow people to download as many books as they want each month, for one set price (instead of paying per book). I don’t own a Kindle, and instead use the Kindle app on my iPad, and from what I’ve heard, Oyster is beautifully designed for these types of devices. If you use a Kindle, and like this idea as a gift, here’s a great guide to the top services available right now.

Finally, it’s chilly out, and tea is my antidote. I’m starting to amass a small collection of teacups and saucers, and to Joe’s dismay, I’m all for growing the collection, available cabinet space be damned. I think Anthropologie has some of the most beautiful items for home, especially during the holiday season (I got these wine glasses there last year and they continue to be favorites). This tea cup and saucer (5) is stunning and would make drinking your morning cup of tea a little more glamorous!

Anything you’re loving lately?

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Gold Tassel Necklace | Konjac Sponge with French Pink Clay | Beaded Ikat Clutch | Oyster | Gold Tea Cup and Saucer