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Brass, baths, and exorbitantly expensive (yet worth it) candles. What's not to love?

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Whew, what a weekend! We had a great time upstate doing basically nothing. The house we rented was incredible — set in a forest, at the top of a hill, with beautiful (western!) views of the Catskills. The sunsets were unbelievable. On Saturday, I organized a private yoga class at the house, and I have to say, there was nothing like doing 2 hours of yoga in the sunshine, with mountains in the distance. It was very restorative! So restorative in fact that as my body had a chance to slow down and unwind and detox, I think the cold I held off last week came back with full force. I’m pretty sick today, but I’m using this as an excuse to extend the weekend for an extra day and head back to bed, basically after I publish this (very belated) post.

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This month's quote: "Take your pleasure seriously."

I’m Loving…

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Lots of little things I’ve discovered or added to my life lately that I’ve been saving up to share with you — no better way to ease into a Monday, right? First, I think I must’ve been living under a rock, because I totally missed the launch of San Francisco designer Jay Jeffers’ first book Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool earlier this spring (1). I wrote about Jay aaaages ago — he’s crazy talented (see here), and if we ever move back to SF and buy a place, his firm is on my short list of designers to investigate. This one’s in my shopping cart on Amazon. Next up, this shampoo. Right before we left for Paris, I was totally out, and wanted to get something Joe and I could both use, and potentially even double as body wash. Intelligent Nutrients was the obvious choice (2). I’ve used this shampoo once before, in a hotel, but I was reminded of how much I love it, and I will definitely be buying it again once this bottle runs out. The Harmonic shampoo is minty and tingly on your scalp, and feels incredibly refreshing in this hot summer weather! You gotta try it.

These pants from Joie were also a purchase before Paris — I snagged them in black and a green fatigue color (3). To be honest, I’ve never owned a pair of harem pants before, but HOLY AWESOME TRAVEL PANT. These babies were super versatile in France, and back stateside, I’ve been wearing them both around the house as lounge pants and out to dinner with a pair of heels. Truly great to have in the wardrobe! This RMS Lip2Cheek color was also a pre-France purchase, because I thought it’d be easier to bring a single color for blush and lip gloss (4). I got the “Promise” color, and I love how the warm, dusty pink hue looks on my skin and lips. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well Lip2Cheek hydrates your lips too — it actually heals chapped lips, so no lip balm needed underneath.

Finally, I was visiting Julia the other day and she was sweet enough to gift me with this adorable ‘BIENVENUE’ wall placard (5). It’s from a company named Rosanna, who I wasn’t familiar with, but as Julia showed me, these little signs come in all kinds of fun words (this one would be kitchen or living room safe; this one, perhaps bedroom only (or kitchen or living room…who am I to judge?!)). I am debating whether to hang this in our stairwell or in my office…the former for obvious reasons, the latter because I think it’s cute and spend more time in my office, so I want to see it more!

How was everyone’s weekend? Anything you’re loving lately?


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I’m Loving…

It’s rare that I’ll completely splurge on things for myself and for my closet, but there have been a few items that found their way to my front doorstep recently and a bunch of others that are serious contenders (and I think you’ll love them too). I’ve long been a big fan of Diptyque’s Do Son perfume, but had never pulled the trigger on buying a bottle for myself. Browsing around the other day, I realized their solid perfume version was the perfect thing — same lovely scent, but in a chic, portable package. I’ve actually been leaving this on our entry table and throwing it into my bag as needed, so I can apply on my way out the door or on the go. I love it! But not to be outdone, Byredo makes a beautiful collection of candles and perfumes, and I’m dying to check out the latest release: Flowerhead. I mean, read the description here…how can one not be intrigued?

I mentioned last week about the slow transitioning to lots and lots of silk shirts. Equipment has long been a favorite, but honestly, lately Everlane is killing it and has become my go to source for affordable silk tops. The quality is great, the fit as good as Equipment, and the price can’t be beat. Still, Equipment is fantastic for fun takes on silk tops, like this.

Another recent splurge were these Lita sandals from Loeffler Randall. Their entire spring collection of shoes and bags is well worth lusting over (cute, cute, and cute). I’m totally crushing on these adorable citrus inspired shoes (and they come in a flat version too)!

Finally, while I love my basic gold iPhone case from J.Crew, I couldn’t help but be charmed by these two. Pineapples are always so cheerful and happy (and did you know they’re also a symbol of welcome and hospitality?), and this Kate Spade odometer case reminds me of cruising around in a Mini Cooper…preferably somewhere in the Mediterranean.

What are you loving lately?