I’m Loving…

i'm loving

A few pretty things I bookmarked over the holidays to share with you! I’m loving the warm, clean palette here — must be something about the new year.


M. Gemi’s Twice Yearly Sale

Yes, you read that right. This is the second sale I’ve seen from M. Gemi and the sale prices have been pretty good, considering the quality of the shoes. It only runs until early Thursday morning though, and sizes are going fast. Even though these sandals are from last summer, I’d be happy to rock them this year (and at that price — $95!).

Shore Thing

Have you ever heard of Shore Projects? They’re a UK-based watch brand with simple, timeless pieces and a vintage-inspired look. All their watches have a mix-and-match thing going — so, choose your favorite face and bezel combo, then your desired strap. I liked the look of the Portland, with its gold bezel and white/black dial.

The Floating Forest

Originally, I meant to include this in my Gift Guide, but sort of ran out of room for it. This “Floating Forest” is one of the coolest, most random items ever though. This disk hovers above a glass of water, and when you place a seed near the small opening, it supposedly germinates. As the designer said, “I became obsessed with the simple idea of suspending a seed on the surface of water; submerged, just to the right level for it to germinate. All with the possibility of being able to support itself in the absence of soil, that would allow it to stand upright; exposed, all in clear view.” Neat, huh?

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M. Gemi Giardino Sandals    ·    Shore Projects ‘Portland’ Watch   ·    Floating Forest   ·    Cuyana Zip Around Wallet   ·    Ila Black Lava Salt   ·    French Bulldog Mug   ·    Paloma Contreras IMPROMPTU Looping Abstract Pillow

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

7 Items I’ve Been Eyeing

Window Shopping

M. Gemi Onda Booties Scholar Mfg Carry All J. Crew Sloan D'Orsay Flats West Elm Textured Serveware Williams Sonoma Gold Roaster BeautyCounter Body Butter Club Monaco Gideon Soft Trench

It’s that time of year when I’ve got the window shopping itch — both to gather ideas of gifts to give, and to put on my own wish list (there was a moment last week when my grandmother asked me for my list and I thought…dang, I can’t believe it’s that time already). A few of these items I’ve had bookmarked for ages, and have repeatedly revisited for some ogling (this insanely beautiful tote from Scholar tops that list). I also saved this pretty porcelain roaster when I spotted it over the summer — it’d look great year round, but would make an especially appropriate statement on the holiday table, don’t you think? Finally, I attended a book club a couple weeks ago and one of the attendees happened to be a BeautyCounter rep. I’ve wanted to check out more of their products having been a fan of the company’s mission (and that packaging!) for a while. It was fun to see a lot of the products up close and in person. My favorite was the Enrich body butter — it was thick and luxurious, and I couldn’t believe how fast it absorbed into the skin! I’m ordering a jar of it to use now that San Francisco is finally a little bit cooler…it’ll be a nice winter time body moisturizer for sure.

What’s topping your wishlist at the moment? Have you started doing any holiday shopping yet? (Oy.) I’m thinking I will spare everyone the gift guides again this year and instead do another one-page shop like I did last year (did you guys like that?). Gifting challenge already on my radar: last week at happy hour, my girlfriends were talking about needing to find the perfect laptop and gym bag for their husbands/boyfriends, and it’s challenges like these that I LOVE taking on. (PS, I already found it…stay tuned for the rec!)


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I’m Loving…

(also known as recent acquisitions)

i'm loving

I went on a bit of a shopping spree recently, which I felt a little guilty about when I saw the volume of shipping boxes piled up at our front door — but then I realized most everything I bought was something I either a) already owned and loved so much I wanted more of, b) used every single day, or c) both. Totally justifies things, no? I’ve linked to all these things I’ve been loving below, and also wanted to point you to a new playlist for September. We’ll keep things real casual for these, and if/when I come across new songs, I’ll throw them on there (I’ve already added a few for you to check out…fair warning that the beats and vibes are all over the place). It’s kind of fun sharing new music with you guys — feel free to share any tunes with me on Spotify if you discover good ones!

Let’s see, other life updates: well, the relative quiet around here has been due to a crazed work schedule (summer’s definitely over) and lots of three day weekends in a row. In fact, for five weekends this month and into next, I’ll be out of the office either Friday or Monday due to weddings, traveling birthdays, family visits, and friend reunions! It’s been a lot of fun so far, though I will I admit I totally had to take a nap at one point last week. I have a feeling another one might be on the docket for late this week, too…

What’s going on with you as we head into mid-September? (eep!)


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Sézane Hardy Scoopback Tee, $37.78   •   M. Gemi Felize Loafers, $198  •  Liholiho Yacht Club  •  Splits59 Nova Leggings, $92  •  Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion, $28 (I purchased it in person at Credo Beauty; you can also find it via Birchbox, here)  •  VMS September Playlist

Liholiho Yacht Club image via their Instagram; flowers styled by The Petaler