Permanent Resident

resident lighting and furnitureresident furniture and lighting

No matter my fatigue levels with any and all types of social media, I will always stand by this declaration: Pinterest is still a great place to find interesting, inspiring things. Last week, I pinned an image of this incredible hex chandelier, which led me to Resident. A contemporary design company based out of New Zealand, Resident produces a small (very carefully refined) collection of light fixtures and furnishings, all produced by a small group of (very carefully refined) designers.

If you’re a lover of clean, chic, and sexy modern design, you’re guaranteed to love pieces like this chandelier or this tri-pendant light. And how sick is this desk lamp? I also think this mobile is really cool (you’d have the hippest nursery in town!).

You can read more about Resident’s designers here. Resident sells at a few stores here in the US, with a large international presence as well. Cue lengthy daydreams about our forever house and how I will decorate it.


1. Parison Pendant by Nat Cheshire | 2. Pickup Sticks by Simon James | 3. Felix Chair by Simon James | 4. Hex Pendant by Resident Studio | 5. Eccentric Mobile by Jamie McClellan | 6. Oud Lamp by Nat Cheshire | 7. Bing Bunch by Gidon Bing | 8. Scholar Table by Cameron Foggo

This month's quote: "Take your pleasure seriously."

The Brass Menagerie

brass menagerie - brass animal objects

Happy Monday! This weekend the weather didn’t let any New Yorkers down — it was sunny, warm and all around spectacular. We finished planting the rest of our little terrace garden, and I’m the proud new owner of a rose bush, a tiny lavender bush, and tons and TONS of herbs. On Saturday I sat outside all afternoon with Julia drinking (too much) rosé; Sunday was more of the same (but with agua). Truly a lazy, relaxing weekend. When’s the next three day weekend again???

On to today’s exhibit. Ooh, what a zoo. I recently bookmarked a couple little brass animals that I thought were particularly adorable (this funny little shrimp included), which sent me down a path to see what other species I could collect. Before I knew it, there was a veritable menagerie. Of course, brass anything is all the rage (again) these days, but I love that when it comes to finding decorative objects like this, you can truly discover tons of vintage treasures out there — many of which will tell a personal story (as soon as I see a true brass vintage Frenchie, I’m buyin’ it). Enjoy observing the animals above (but please, don’t stand too close).

Do you keep an eye out for little brass animals like this? What would be your perfect brass “spirit animal”?

Peacock | Giraffes | Rabbit Knob | Dove | Ibex | Fish OpenerMini Schnauzer | Elephant Candlestick | Pigs | Shrimp

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I Want to Go to There: The Marlton Hotel


1422 Marlton Hotel

the marlton hotel 1

If you ask me, New York does boutique hotels, really, really well. They’re literally everywhere here — and available at every price point and with the requisite awesome design details to boot. I think I heard about The Marlton late last summer, when it was featured in a Vanity Fair article, but through the magic of the Internets, I recently rediscovered it and was so glad I did. The good news is that since The Marlton is located in New York, I really can “go to there” if I want to. But, oh, how I wish I was an out-of-towner who had an excuse to stay here during my next trip to the Big Apple.

The Marlton is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Greenwich Village, on 8th Street near 5th Avenue. Built in 1900, the hotel recently served as a dormitory for a local college, and has even hosted literary luminaries such as Jack Kerouac. Rooms are small, like in much of New York, but beautifully designed (totally obsessed with these featured ceiling lights!). I’m a big fan of the overall color palette — plenty of black, white, and cream, with bright pops of turquoise sky blue. The striped fur throws gracing the beds are a great touch, too! The mix of traditional, vintage and modern design elements integrate perfectly to create a simple, restrained, oh-so-chic look.


1422 Marlton Hotel

What do you think? Could you stay here on your next trip to NY? Here are a bunch more photos of the hotel and its lovely restaurant and bar:  Read the full post +