Design Trend: Round Mirrors with Straps

round mirror with leather strap

danielle moss apartment - living room


Design trend alert: have you been spotting lots of round mirrors with straps? I actually think this “trend” is one of those decor elements that’s been reinvented over the last couple of years from a previous beachy concept (interior designers, help me out with the history here!). Regardless, I’m totally in love with this look! I was hoping to get one of these puppies for a powder room in our current apartment, but in my desperation slash mania to get a mirror hung in time for a party we hosted last month, I didn’t spend any time on the interwebs to find one on budget, and with a short enough strap. Lesson learned: the options out there are quite good, and as always when decorating, patience really is a virtue (one that I’m sometimes good at, sometimes not. As evidenced by the meh rectangular mirror now hung in said powder room. #oops).

Are you a fan of this look? I must say, there are quite a few different styles you can play around with, from a rope-hung mirror to one with a classic leather strap. My preference is for the leather straps that encircle the mirror (and have the added decorative detail of a buckle); of course, these seem to be among the pricier options online. But is it just me, or is this trend ripe with DIY potential…?

Here are a bunch of options I’ve rounded up, inclusive of several budget buys!:  Read the full post +

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Images: First image traced back to My World Apart, but I believe it comes from content no longer on this blog  ·  Second image: Danielle Moss ·  Third image: Victoria McGinley, via my Instagram

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Retreat: Barnhouse Drama

drama, drama, drama

dining room - jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

accessories -jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

barn entry - jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

living room - jilly hampshire barn house, vogue living au

“What, do you live in a barn?” my mama used to jokingly say to me as a kid when I had either a) left my room looking like a tornado hit it or b) left the back door to our house open, as I often did when I would run in from the backyard in search of a snack. Mom, if the barn looked like this one, then yes, I would proudly want to live in it.

I stumbled across this gorgeous shed/barn home, based in New South Wales, Australia, and enjoyed every click through the slideshow. The space feels all drama, drama, drama with the high contrast of dark colors and white — and yet, it still felt fresh and light and different than so many of the other modern, light filled spaces I’ve seen recently. I really liked how owner Jilly Hampshire managed to mix antiques with modern pieces, resulting in a space that feels thoughtful but also collected; livable, but with just enough glamour. It’s not too often that I share interior tours here, but this one, I couldn’t pass up. You can check out the full tour over at Australia’s Vogue Living, right here.

Could you live in a dramatic barn space like this? I should mention: there is a pool.

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Images via Vogue Living Australia

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Apartment Updates: Art Shopping

dining room

living room

It’s been about three weeks since we moved into our apartment in San Francisco. We’re all unpacked and have just a few things left to hang on the walls, but still have quite a bit of decorating to do. This apartment is vastly different from our New York one, both in terms of style and layout. We’ve repurposed virtually all of our furniture to work in the new space, but still have a list of pieces we’re on the lookout for. Most notably, our living room feels a little undone, as you can see above and below, and we also don’t have dining chairs. Along with a set of those, we’re on the hunt for a larger coffee table to match the scale of the living room, a sofa table to place behind the Chesterfield, and a new media cabinet (our TV is currently sitting on a second old coffee table that used to live in a den — please ignore the messy state of our electronics and the giant hole for the TV mount!). But, all in good time. We’re okay with saving and hunting for the perfect pieces versus a quick Ikea fix, for now!

Beyond the furniture and decor items, one of the biggest things we’re working on is getting some new artwork for the walls. The apartment has a very open concept floor plan, so we have big walls that beg for large pieces of artwork. In previous apartments, I’ve been known to purchase smaller pieces and create gallery walls; somehow, for this space, it doesn’t feel quite right (and I’m less into the gallery wall look now than I once was). We’ve never purchased any large scale framed artwork, so I’ve been looking at Minted to find some, specifically for a space over credenzas in the dining room, as well as a big blank wall in the living room, opposite one of our sofas.   Read the full post +

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