Retreat: Garden Party in Paris

On y va!

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Exterior

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Staircase

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Living Room

“Most of the curious and charming parts of Passy-Auteuil are behind the scenes: green and pleasant enclaves called villas or hameaux where a colorful variety of private houses hide behind discreet vine-covered walls or down narrow alleys.”

– Alice Furlaud, “The Discreet Charm Of Passy-Auteuil

If we work together and pool our resources, can we all chip in and buy this house as a little Paris-based pied-à-terre/vacation share? I spotted it last week and felt like packing my bags immediately! Located in the 16th arrondisement, in Auteuil (an area apparently known for its large, beautiful homes and quiet, peaceful streets), the house has eight bedrooms (plenty of room for all!), a large guest house, beautiful yard, and even an underground swimming pool!

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Indoor Pool

Home in Auteuil, Paris - Balcony

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Images: Christie’s Real Estate

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

What makes your house a home?

home 1

home 2

home 3

Our homes contain our daydreams, our styles, and our memories. How one’s home looks and how we approach decorating is such a personal thing! But what is it that truly makes your house feel like a home?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I read/shared this post from Naomi a couple weeks ago. In it, she was talking about the cottage she bought in 2012, and how the last few years were filled with excitement and daydreams about what the space would become. Now, she’s not as sure. It really got me thinking about the fantasies and expectations we can place on our homes, and how that looks (and manifests) from person to person.  Read the full post +

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Images all via my Instagram, and ironically, taken in our New York apartment. It’s the apartment we lived in that felt closest to being “done!”

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Retreat: A Dreamy Bedroom Escape

vogue au - justin hemmes stylish master bedroom retreat

vogue au - justin hemmes master bedroom suite

Someday, if/when we are lucky enough to work with an interior designer on our entire home, I’m definitely going to pull these photos of Justin Hemmes’ master bedroom suite out for reference and inspiration. I came across this tour on Vogue Living the other day (I follow them on Facebook for a welcome, constant reminder to browse interiors eye candy!) and fell in love. To me, this space is such a wonderful blend of old and new, modern and traditional, clean/simplified but not too sparse, and most importantly, completely livable. You know how when you watch HGTV and the hosts are always saying that the master bedroom should be a sanctuary? Well, it’s true, and this suite fits the bill completely. Besides the gorgeous four-poster bed, the space includes a large sitting area, gigantic bathroom with separate soaking tub and shower (and beautiful arched pocket doors to separate everything from the bedroom), and one of the brightest, would-make-her-and-him-happy walk-in closets I’ve ever seen.

bedroom tour - vogue AU - justin hemmes closet

bedroom tour - Vogue AU - Justin Hemmes bathroom

bedroom tour - justin hemmes bedroom sitting area

I’ve told Joe that casement windows and doors are a must have in our future forever home. I’d never seen arched versions like the ones above — aren’t they cool? It’s all perfect. You can see the full bedroom suite tour here, as well as the full home tour here. Justin began renovating the home — one he had lived in before with his family, who own a large hospitality group in Australia — back in 2011, and the results are stunning. I would love to make the trek from this master bedroom down into that kitchen every morning!

What say you? Could you escape to this suite for the weekend and only emerge to get snacks from downstairs? Count me in.


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Images via Vogue Living