5 Ikea Hacks I Want to Try

You know, whenever I have a garage and the space

ikea hacks i could actually make

Unsurprising confession: I dream about our future house. You know, the same one you probably dream about — the forever house, the one you end up staying in for at least 20, 30 years and can really put your stamp on. I’m always bookmarking ideas for that house, Ikea hacks definitely included. Recently I got inspired (and excited!) by a bunch of different projects I discovered, which I thought I’d share with you for your dream house (or now-house) file. I mean, for one thing, I think these are five Ikea hacks I could actually make! Yes, you’ll need some power tools and paint for a few of them, and having a garage probably wouldn’t hurt, but with the right supplies, all of these seem totally doable.

Have you ever attempted any awesome Ikea hack projects like this? Another unsurprising confession: the biggest one I’ve attempted was about 5 years ago, when I tried adding knobs I bought from Anthropologie to a MALM dresser. I didn’t have the right tools at the time, and the result was…interesting. Never underestimate the power of a really good drill (and drill bits too, people).


Marble and Copper Side Table (uses Ikea PS 2012 table)
Dipped Entry Table (used Ikea SVALBO table, which is discontinued; author recommended this table, but you could use any wood table to achieve the same look!)
Upholstered Bench (uses VITTSJÖ TV unit)
Magazine Organizers (uses Ikea KASSET files)
Rolling Bar Cart (uses Ikea VITTSJÖ laptop table)

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Images and Project Authors: Side Table, Style Me Pretty Living; Dipped Entry Table, The Sweet Beast; Upholstered Bench, Dwellings by Devore; Magazine Files, Homey Oh My; Rolling Bar Cart, Style Me Pretty Living

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Southern Charm

patricia altschul charleston home - exterior

patricia altschul - charleston home drawing room

patricia altschul charleston home - stair hall

patricia altschul charleston home - bath

Did any of you watch the Bravo show Southern Charm earlier this year? Embarrassingly enough, I found myself sucked into it — it was a slow burn that got more entertaining to me as the weeks went on (apparently a lot of people felt similarly — it got renewed for another season!). Anyway, one of the stars of the show wasn’t actually a primary cast member at all. It was Patricia Altschul, mother of cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith, who was known for her hilarious one-liners and unapologetic “southernness” (two favorite memorable lines: how each day, when she is ready for a cocktail, she declares, “It’s time for my medicine!” and, when she tells another fifty-something year old cast member, who at the time was having a pregnancy scare with his young girlfriend and entertaining political aspirations, “Instead of impregnating 21-year-olds, you might refocus, is all I’m suggesting.”). This video (listed under “Whitney’s Mom is a Sitcom Character”) is a gem.

Patricia and Whitney live together (I told you this show was great) in this unbelievably beautiful 1850s home in Charleston, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House. Originally owned by a cotton planter, the mansion used to function as a library, and later apartments, as it changed owners several times (and underwent renovations), eventually being scooped up by Patricia in 2008. Architectural Digest recently featured a tour and history of the home now that it has been renovated once more and re-decorated, and the results are perfection: colorful, warm, and over the top southern (basically Patricia herself). That blue and white bathroom — I need to be in a soaking tub like that right now.

There’s been all this Charleston talk lately (did you see Grace’s city tour when she visited earlier this fall? I felt ready to pack my bags!), and I’m feeling like a trip south might be in order at some point in the near future. If you were a fan of Southern Charm and want to check out Patricia’s home, the Architectural Digest feature is here, and the blog Cote de Texas did an extensive tour of it here, by placing together historical photos, published photos, and TV show stills (it’s pretty impressive, and includes images from Patricia’s former homes, too). This house is amazing, no? Did you watch Southern Charm earlier this year? Have you ever spent any time in Charleston?


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Images: Scott Frances for Architectural Digest

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Crushing On: Reiko Kaneko

A really good gift idea (to give AND to get)

reiko kaneko home decor ceramics

Are you familiar with British-Japanese ceramics designer Reiko Kaneko? I first was introduced to the brand when I kept spotting these amazing ‘Lip Tease’ mugs on Pinterest and a few stateside retailers. One day, I finally got curious about the company behind the mug, and was rewarded with such a treat when I finally perused Reiko’s website. If you have a thing for beautiful ceramic pieces like I do, prepare yourself — you’re going to want one of everything.

Reiko grew up in Japan, and its influence on her work is clear, but I love her modern, classic take on many of the pieces. These are things that feel chic now, but will feel equally current years down the road. I was especially drawn to the forms in her Bamboo Vessels collection (and I love how many of the pieces do double duty — the tall form can be used as a large glass for something like beer, but also looks awesome as a vase), as well as the unique ‘mix and match’ vibe of her Petal collection (isn’t it neat how the plates and bowls can all be arranged to form a larger flower shape?).

The company offers a number of ceramic pieces that can be monogrammed, which means major gift potential. These little mugs are super simple, but I love the tiny monogram you can add; similarly, these heart shadow mugs can be personalized on the inside with a name, date, or short message.

I know the star for lots of people will still be Reiko’s Lip Tease and Drip Tease collection. They are super sexy, and you can get ‘em in platinum or gold.

Prices listed on her site are in pounds, so for those of us in the U.S., don’t forget to calculate the exchange rate in if you plan on purchasing (as I write this, it’s a little over 1 pound to 1.5 USD). If you want to skip international shipping, you can find a few of the Lip Tease and Drip Tease mugs here; Shopbop also used to sell the gold Lip Tease mug, so here’s hoping it goes back in stock there too!

Long story short, I’m obsessed. Slash, I need more cabinet space in my kitchen!


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Tall Lip Tease Mug, £13.95  |  Petite Lip Tease Mug, £11.95  |  Cluster Vase, £89  |  Drip Tease Teapot, £44.95  |  Drip Tease Tea Cup and Saucer, £19.95  | The Boat, £109  |  Crack of Thunder Side Plate, £12.95  |  Large Monogram Mug, £14  |  Bamboo Tall, £14  |  Bamboo Twist Sake Decanter, £15