Retreat: A Dreamy Bedroom Escape

vogue au - justin hemmes stylish master bedroom retreat

vogue au - justin hemmes master bedroom suite

Someday, if/when we are lucky enough to work with an interior designer on our entire home, I’m definitely going to pull these photos of Justin Hemmes’ master bedroom suite out for reference and inspiration. I came across this tour on Vogue Living the other day (I follow them on Facebook for a welcome, constant reminder to browse interiors eye candy!) and fell in love. To me, this space is such a wonderful blend of old and new, modern and traditional, clean/simplified but not too sparse, and most importantly, completely livable. You know how when you watch HGTV and the hosts are always saying that the master bedroom should be a sanctuary? Well, it’s true, and this suite fits the bill completely. Besides the gorgeous four-poster bed, the space includes a large sitting area, gigantic bathroom with separate soaking tub and shower (and beautiful arched pocket doors to separate everything from the bedroom), and one of the brightest, would-make-her-and-him-happy walk-in closets I’ve ever seen.

bedroom tour - vogue AU - justin hemmes closet

bedroom tour - Vogue AU - Justin Hemmes bathroom

bedroom tour - justin hemmes bedroom sitting area

I’ve told Joe that casement windows and doors are a must have in our future forever home. I’d never seen arched versions like the ones above — aren’t they cool? It’s all perfect. You can see the full bedroom suite tour here, as well as the full home tour here. Justin began renovating the home — one he had lived in before with his family, who own a large hospitality group in Australia — back in 2011, and the results are stunning. I would love to make the trek from this master bedroom down into that kitchen every morning!

What say you? Could you escape to this suite for the weekend and only emerge to get snacks from downstairs? Count me in.


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Images via Vogue Living

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Apartment Updates: Shopping for Dining Chairs

josephine chair, serena & lily

fabric library at serena & lily, san francisco

serena and lily san francisco design shop

serena and lily design shop - san francisco

grace and josephine chairs, serena & lily

As I mentioned last week, there has been a distinct lack of dinner parties around these parts, due to our distinct lack of dining chairs. We purchased our new dining table — the Terra, from West Elm — about a week before moving into our new place, but we couldn’t decide or agree on chairs to go with it, so we held off. Then held off some more, and some more, until our now-stained coffee table made it very clear we should probably get a move on and eat at an actual table!

I love my husband dearly, but one thing we always end up arguing over is home decor. Do any of you have this issue with your significant others too? He isn’t the type to give me carte blanche and let me run with whatever I think “our” style is; he really likes to be involved and decide on furnishings together. It’s great that he wants to be a part of it, but since our styles are extremely different, it can make for a slow process (and note: we are learning to not immediately say “That’s ugly” to each others preferences. Trust me, this #1 rule helps!).

One day, I saw the beautiful Josephine chair online at Serena & Lily, and thought it would be a perfect chair to blend each of our styles. I wanted something that wasn’t completely upholstered, while Joe liked the look of a more formal chair. I liked that the Josephine had lovely curves, could look good in a more modern or traditional room (so still workable down the line, if/when we move again), and had just a dash of upholstery, so we could choose a fabric to bring in some additional color and texture to the room. I showed it to Joe and he…liked it! Sort of. Okay, he said it was “Alright.” And then, he laid eyes on the Grace — a fully upholstered chair that is definitely stately and traditional. Oy.  Read the full post +

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Wallpaper for Renters

Oh yes you can.

chasing paper - peonies pattern - removable wallpaper

chasing paper - removable wallpaper - stripes

chasing paper - removable wallpaper - speckle pattern

chasing paper - removable wallpaper - dot and line pattern

Have you ever wallpapered anything in your home? If you’re like most people I know, the answer is probably a resounding never. It’s not that we’re unadventurous, right? But if you’re a fellow renter, you know what I mean when I say that wallpaper is typically not an option on the design table. Slash, wallpapers I’ve fallen in love with over the years always end up being the ones that are a liiiiiitle pricey (I’m looking at you, Schumacher. #lust).

However, a few months ago I discovered Chasing Paper. Have you heard of this company yet? It’s been around for a few years, and I’m glad it’s on my radar now. Launched by Elizabeth Rees in 2012 (whose family has been in the printing business for three generations), Chasing Paper features so many beautiful wallpapers, from more subtle patterns to classics, to really fun, whimsical ones like this. Each pattern comes in a 2′ x 4′ piece, and can be applied pretty much anywhere. I love some of their styling ideas, like on trays, drawers, backsplashes, even on a fridge! The back of the papers have a low-tack adhesive on them, so they can peel right off the wall with no damage to the surface underneath. Cool, no?

Even if you’re not a renter, I like the flexibility a removable wallpaper provides. I think it makes you more willing to try something bold, even if it’s just in a small area and only for a little while. If you get sick of it, take it down — no biggie. I have also thought about how convenient this would be down the line if/when we have a nursery for a little one. If you wanted to wallpaper an accent wall, it’s nice to know you could get a nursery appropriate option that you can remove after a year or two (maybe even replace it with a really fun pattern like this!).

Anyway, I’ve been sitting on this source for a while, and have been meaning to share it with everyone! I think it’s an awesome resource if you’re looking to try something new at home in the decor department, but without the risk. And now the bigger question: which pattern would you choose, and where would you put it in your home? I’m a big fan of the Speckle pattern, the new Peonies pattern in gold, the Dot+Line, and even this Rosette feels like a risk I could take.


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