When did you start decorating?

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orange bedroom

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dining room

Prowling around the New York Times website last week, this headline caught my eye: “Go to Your Room (and Decorate).” The piece, which featured an interview with Elizabeth Foy Larsen, author of Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun, delves into a specific chapter in her book, which specifically suggests letting your kids decorate their own spaces as a way to let them express their creativity, and yes, pull them out of boredom.

I obviously have no kids of my own, but the title made me think about how I liked to decorate my room when I was a kid, and how thankful I am that my mom didn’t force floral Laura Ashley sets on me. Instead, at various points in my childhood, I had an inflatable chair (in silver), an entire wall covered floor to ceiling with tear out sheets from Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs (my friends all loved coming over to ogle the male models and argue over who was hotter), a water bed (how I managed to swing that one I’ll never know), and even glow-in-the-dark stars all over the ceiling (with an accompanying black light). My room was never especially cohesive, but at different points in my childhood and teenage years, it was certainly a reflection of where I was at the time.

Did you get to decorate your own room when you were a kid? Did your parents try to give input, and did you enjoy the process? What items do you still remember getting (and loving!) for your room, even if you’d never buy them again today (um, hello, an inflatable chair).

{Image Credits: Photos of Elizabeth Foy Larsen’s home, taken by Ryann Ford for the New York Times. The bedrooms were all decorated by her sons! Also, pretty sure the chandelier in the dining area was inspired by Nichole’s post from a while ago…you can see my own tutorial on a smaller scale here.}

"All we wanna know is where the stars came from, but do we ever stop to watch them shine?" - Jon Bellion

Where are you drawn to?

True story: you can hear the most interesting things when you are eavesdropping on people in hair salons. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with the person that’s actually cutting my hair, but sometimes, it’s equally as fun to zone out, be quiet, listen to your own thoughts, and then, when you snap out of it, listen to what the woman in the chair next to you is talking about. I’ve even joined in a time or two!

I was recently getting my haircut and listening to the woman next to me tell her stylist about all the places she’d been traveling in the last year or so. She sounded like quite the world traveler. At any rate, her stylist asked her where she might go in 2013, and she replied, “We’re debating on Turkey or Peru. It’s tough to decide. But I’m more drawn to Turkey. You know how you have places you’re just more drawn to?”

I loved that she asked that question. I had never really thought about it before! But I think it’s very true. As I sat there listening to her travels, I realized I’m drawn to places that are warm, and have a laid back, romantic vibe. I like places with a lot of history, with maybe a little exoticism, where the local food is guaranteed to be delicious, and where I don’t have to rough it. It’s no wonder that the Mediterranean and its surrounding areas always feel like they’re calling my name! However, it’s funny: I’ve always been less interested in traveling to parts of Asia. Not that I wouldn’t, and not that I wouldn’t love it once I was there, but what can I say, I’m just not as drawn to it. It made me wonder — what places are you drawn to, and which ones are you less drawn to?

{Image Credits: Sarah Yates, A House in the Hills; La Mamounia hotel via Elle; Jose Villa}

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Monday, Monday

You guys. I’m fighting a major case of the Monday blues over here. Maybe it’s because the weekend was so phenomenal? I think I ate my weight in seafood on Saturday night. It was both disgusting and exquisite. Add on Friday night pizza (our fancy dinner out got moved to a much…um, lower key pizza joint), and a delightful brunch yesterday, and perhaps I’m not suffering from Monday blues so much as a need for a serious detox.

In any case, I’m just curious…what’s your tried and true way to beat the Mondays? Read Bachelor/Bachelorette blogs? Take yourself out for some fro yo? Look at pictures of ridiculously cute Frenchies (that might’ve been happening over here for the last ten minutes). Or, are you good at telling yourself to get over it and get motivated? (I bow down to you). Would love to hear about your secret Monday blues-fighting tricks!

{Image Credit: via Cute Overload; the pup is named Oslo and has his own blog. Yeeah, okay, time to get to work.}