Hot Commodity: Perfumes from Commodity Goods

I mean, this packaging.

commodity goods perfume

Earlier this week, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I noticed this snap from Lauren, and was instantly intrigued (as you can tell by the conversation we had!). A new-to-me perfume line, with insanely good packaging? Telllll me more!

After heading to the Commodity Goods website like Lauren recommended, I was sold. With Commodity, you can find a totally unique fragrance, right in the comfort of your home. The company works with a 160 year old French fragrance house, and creates all the fragrances in L.A. To try any of ‘em out, you simply order a $9 sample pack (called a “fitting kit”), decide what you like, and place an order. I’m a TOTAL sucker for unique perfumes, especially ones that won’t be recognizable. I also find find it’s easy to get a headache hanging out in places like Sephora or a department store, where all the scents (and people) can overwhelm. I loved the idea of testing out a fragrance in Commodity’s collection simply by spritzing one on each morning, and then seeing which one one suited me as the day passed by. Find a fave, then order directly from their website. Easy enough!

And, I mean, the packaging. If Lauren’s Instagram didn’t convince you, holy chic do these things look good sitting on a dresser. The women’s collection of Commodity perfumes features these light, pretty bottles with gold labels; the men’s collection is equally as striking.

I’ve already ordered my own sample pack and cannot WAIT to get it — I’ll be sure to report back on which scents I’m digging. I’m also kind of into the idea of layering the scents, just to see what happens, like this video demonstrates (hmm…Gold Magnolia? Tea Mimosa?). For $9, it’s a fun little beauty experiment, no? Plus, if you end up ordering a full size perfume, Commodity lets you put that $9 towards your purchase! If you end up ordering a sample pack, be sure to come back here and tell me which scent you loved.

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DIY Beauty: Citrus Coconut Foot Scrub

simple DIY foot scrub

coconut oil foot scrub

Ok, so this might be kind of gross to talk about, but I get bad calluses on my feet. I blame several things: footwear choices, always forgetting to buy a pumice stone, somehow never noticing they’re there (and therefore never caring). Maybe it’s because I grew up dancing, and gross feet were sort of par for the course. If your feet weren’t calloused and dirty from dancing barefoot at the studio (which we totally did on weekends — wild!), you were doing something wrong. But when your husband — who has been known to barely notice a difference after a 4-inch haircut — lovingly teases you about your “goblin” feet, it might be time to get serious about foot care. So here I am.

I made this simple scrub the other night for my feet, and was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and moisturized they were after. Like most of my kitchen beauty fixes, the scrub is super simple: coconut oil and coarse sea salt for the scrub base; I added some essential citrus oils for fragrance, but that part’s totally optional. Here’s the kicker though: to really seal in the effects of the coconut oil, after rinsing my feet and gently patting them dry, I layered on some body lotion and then put on socks. Leave the socks on while you putz around the house (or overnight, while you’re sleeping) and your feet will be incredibly moisturized and soft. There’s no need to buy an expensive foot scrub, when really, the ingredients that make the difference are easily found in your grocery store or pantry!

The next time I make this, I might use raw sugar instead, and maybe even add a little honey (just to boost the moisturizing effects further). You can add herbs or other aromatics to your scrub too, just for the aromatherapy experience (finally minced rosemary could be awesome or lemon zest). I know a lot of people don’t like washing coconut oil down the shower drain, but I find if I do it very sparingly, I don’t have a problem (but that’s my plumbing!). Here’s how to make this scrub: Read the full post +

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Beauty Review: One Love Organics

one love organics review

One Love Organics has a lot of things going for it, not least of which is that every time I look at their labels, I get the song “One Love” stuck in my head and instantly feel happy alright. And in the case of OLO’s Vitamin C Body Oil, you’ll probably feel like you’re at the beach too. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Elizabeth Dehn, blogger behind Beauty Bets and creator of a special line for OLO — the aptly named Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. She very kindly offered to send me a few items from her line to try out, and I happily accepted! You might remember that I talked about OLO products in this post, as a mid-range budget buy for natural beauty items, so I’m excited to report back on a few of their most popular products.

one love organics serum and mist review

Elizabeth sent along the Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist, as well as the Active Moisture Vitamin C Serum. First, the Vitamin D Moisture Mist: this spray has the most lovely, romantic aroma of roses, feels great as it’s spritzed on the skin, and does appear to actually hold in moisture. I used it for a few days and loved it, then found it made me break out a little on my cheeks. However (and this is a big however), I wasn’t totally surprised this happened — I’ve found that most hydrating or moisturizing sprays always do this, so it’s not the first time a product like this has caused problems for my skin. It’s always such a bummer, because I DO initially love the way they make my skin feel (and the smell!), but the texture issues, not so much. If your skin is less sensitive than mine and also suffers from dryness, this spray would be a total winner. My skin is totally the odd ball here, so I can’t fault the spray!

Now, the Vitamin C Serum. Read the full post +