Beauty Review: Burt’s Bees Spot Treatment

burt's bees targeted spot treatment review

It happens every year, and nearly every season. As the weather begins to change, my skin totally freaks out. The result? A delightful mix of super dry patches, and acne that seems to pop up out of nowhere. Does this happen to you too?

Causes aside, I find that most seasons, switching up my skincare routine and products (i.e., more hydrating formulas in colder months, not using as hot of water, abiding by these tricks to avoid breakouts) can typically clear up any problems. But this autumn, for whatever reason, I’ve had a hard time kicking the little blemishes that have cropped up. Maybe it’s stress, or not getting enough good quality sleep, but my usual switch-ups weren’t having the desired effect. So, it was time to bring in a blemish treatment.

Deciding on a more natural acne treatment was a bit new for me this year, as it’s not something I’ve struggled with since switching to a primarily natural/non-toxic beauty routine a few years ago. Benzoyl Peroxide, a common chemical used to combat acne in many drugstore beauty products, is super effective, but for me, super damaging. I used it throughout my teenage years over acne on my forehead, and kind of wish I hadn’t. My skin is pretty sensitive to it now (becoming inflamed, red, itchy, and usually peel-y), and from what I’ve read, BP has been reported to cause increased sun sensitivity, and generate free radicals. I’ve also noticed that the skin on my forehead appears to have aged faster than anywhere else — it seems thinner, with lots and lots of fine lines, and correspondingly, this is the only place I applied a BP treatment for years at a time. Hmmm. I have no official way to confirm that BP caused that aging, but it makes me wonder, you know?

For me, going down this hard-line pimple defense route meant turning to salicylic acid, another common blemish medication — primarily because it can be derived naturally from willow bark. This made it much easier to locate a more natural product that relied on willow bark extract. And, I found it in Burt’s Bees Spot Treatment.

burt's bees acne spot treatment review

You probably know Burt’s from their great lip balm treatments, but many people aren’t familiar with their skin and hair care products. This little vial has been liquid gold — almost literally! The formula is a mix of alcohol, herbal extracts, and of course willow bark. You can dot a little of the liquid on your fingers, or put some on a q-tip and then apply to your blemish (it took me a few weeks to figure that one out…doh). I find the formula shrinks pimples quickly, and can eradicate them almost entirely within a day or two. It’s dramatically reduced the severity and number of blemishes on my skin.

Downsides? The smell is a little strong, though I found it dissipates within a few minutes (and especially if you apply regular moisturizer over the treatment). And, I really do recommend using a q-tip to apply, otherwise, you end up getting a lot of the treatment on your fingers, and it soaks in so quickly you end up using more than you need to. I wouldn’t recommend applying this over large areas of your skin, but for that zit that just appeared out of nowhere, it’s a good product.

I like that this treatment is widely available both online (here and here) and in drugstores everywhere, so if you want to give it a try, you hopefully won’t have any trouble finding it!

More beauty reviews to come…I’ve been playing around with a lot of new fun skincare goodies lately!

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Beauty Review: Aromatherapy Associates Refining Face Oil

It's like a supercharged skin vitamin

review of aromatherapy associates refining face oil

review - aromatherapy associates refining face oil

Aromatherapy Associates is one of those skincare brands that I sometimes forget about, but whenever I try their products, I always love them. Based out of London, Aromatherapy Associates has a huge line of skin and body care products for every skin type, and for such a luxe line with a deep product offering, it’s amazing that their products take a natural/non-toxic approach too. Last year, I tried their Overnight Repair Mask and loved it (remember?), so recently, when they reached out and offered to send me a couple oils to try gratis, I was excited to see if they’d also be winners.

And they were. It’s rare that I’ll dedicate a full post to something that was sent to me on a whim, but I’ve been enjoying Aromatherapy Associates Refining Face Oil so much, I felt like I had to share it with you! Read the full post +

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Hot Commodity: Perfumes from Commodity Goods

I mean, this packaging.

commodity goods perfume

Earlier this week, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I noticed this snap from Lauren, and was instantly intrigued (as you can tell by the conversation we had!). A new-to-me perfume line, with insanely good packaging? Telllll me more!

After heading to the Commodity Goods website like Lauren recommended, I was sold. With Commodity, you can find a totally unique fragrance, right in the comfort of your home. The company works with a 160 year old French fragrance house, and creates all the fragrances in L.A. To try any of ‘em out, you simply order a $9 sample pack (called a “fitting kit”), decide what you like, and place an order. I’m a TOTAL sucker for unique perfumes, especially ones that won’t be recognizable. I also find find it’s easy to get a headache hanging out in places like Sephora or a department store, where all the scents (and people) can overwhelm. I loved the idea of testing out a fragrance in Commodity’s collection simply by spritzing one on each morning, and then seeing which one one suited me as the day passed by. Find a fave, then order directly from their website. Easy enough!

And, I mean, the packaging. If Lauren’s Instagram didn’t convince you, holy chic do these things look good sitting on a dresser. The women’s collection of Commodity perfumes features these light, pretty bottles with gold labels; the men’s collection is equally as striking.

I’ve already ordered my own sample pack and cannot WAIT to get it — I’ll be sure to report back on which scents I’m digging. I’m also kind of into the idea of layering the scents, just to see what happens, like this video demonstrates (hmm…Gold Magnolia? Tea Mimosa?). For $9, it’s a fun little beauty experiment, no? Plus, if you end up ordering a full size perfume, Commodity lets you put that $9 towards your purchase! If you end up ordering a sample pack, be sure to come back here and tell me which scent you loved.