About Victoria McGinley

Current San Franciscan, by way of New York, and before that, San Francisco (again), Los Angeles, and Austin. Originally Texan, but always thinks of California as home. Prefers tea to coffee; morning to night; autumn to any other season. Lover of antiques, gardening, and reading the same books over and over. Unashamed Francophile. Believer in lifelong learning. Fascinated by the details. Known to be delighted by great layout design. Will never say no to a glass of Champagne.

About the Studio

Victoria McGinley Studio first launched in early 2012, as a place to help bloggers build and make the most from their digital homes online. Today, the studio offers a myriad of services geared towards small businesses of all types — whether you need branding and logo design, a full website, or marketing collateral. And, true to its roots, I still love working with bloggers, and specialize in assisting style and lifestyle publishers with site design and consulting. I’m continually inspired by entrepreneurs that have amazing ideas, creativity, and passion, and want to help them build products that reflect it.

About the Blog

Formerly known as vmac+cheese, I’ve been sharing my ideas and inspiration on my blog since the summer of 2008. Like so many bloggers, I started writing when I needed a good creative outlet — for me, it was a way to share stories about my life as a recent culinary school grad, and my adventures as a freelance food writer.

But here’s the thing: If you love food, and you love to eat, the odds are pretty good that you generally love the good life. So these days, you’ll find me writing about all things style, design, beauty, culture and food, along with snapshots and essays about my life as a San Franciscan. Some might call it a lifestyle blog; I just like to think of it as musings on a life worth living.