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Where am I? What day is it? Is this real life? You may note from the collage timestamp that I churned this puppy out at 5:30am. Yes, as in 5:30am today. I have no idea what I am doing up at this hour, except that I do. Let me end the incoherent rambling by telling you that our flight in SF that we boarded yesterday morning at 11:15am didn’t actually leave the ground in SF until about 7pm, putting us back in NY around 3am (versus the previously scheduled, far more reasonable 8:30pm). At which point I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d just stay up and write posts. I’m insane, I know.

Travel disasters notwithstanding, we had an amazing time back in California over the weekend. It was just what the doctor ordered — not only to see our friends, but also to see our old home. I came back inspired, rested (well, sort of), and feeling good! The weekend away gave my mind some space to wander and browse and pinpoint a few things I’m loving. Here are my latest obsessions:

1. This sentence will start off like a bad joke, but Joe walked in to an Apple store in SF…and got a new iPhone 5s. No line, no nothing. The kid has ridiculously good luck. Me? I’m coveting the new gold version, which is most definitely sold out. I’ll wait however long it takes though — I have to say, the new phone is pretty amazing, and it’s all the better in gold!

2. The wedding we attended was at Beltane Ranch, and it really was this gorgeous. A good time had by all — and big congrats to the bride and groom! Triple points for creating a wedding hashtag.

3. I’m really into clutches and small bags for fall. There’s the “never-in-a-million-years” one I recently swooned over; the far more reasonable “adorable-and-affordable-but-would-I-wear-this-more-than-once” option; and then of course, there’s a practical, have-it-forever option that doubles as both a casual side body bag AND camera bag. In fact, that’s what this last one is — a camera bag from ONA. They’ve totally reinvented what a camera bag should be! (Psst — I was recently featured on their blog too!)

4. I think I’ve found the lamps I’ll be ordering for our office desks! Hello, black and brass perfection.

5. Fave new facial oil. All organic, smells like roses, it’s amazing. I use it at night, and if I really want extra moisture, combine it with Skin Food or layer this serum on top of it. (Full disclosure: the kind people at MUN sent this to me, but I’m so glad they did!)

6. I downloaded this book for the trip and finally got to dive in on the way back to NY. So far, I really love it — the format is interesting and fun, the characters hilarious, misanthropic, and fascinating. I’m looking forward to finishing it this weekend!

7. Ohhh, SF. We really, really missed you. It was so beautiful flying over the city with the sun setting and the fog creeping in. I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend…but it wasn’t as sad as when we flew out in May. I know we’ll be back someday.

This post was so rambling, but kind of fun. Now you know what the inside of my brain looks like after several days of drinking, 15 hours of travel, and far too many good times in a 5 day period. Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!


  1. Emma said: replied:

    Loved this post. It’s nice to read ramblings now and then. Get some rest!!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  2. Alex said: replied:

    I read Where’d Bernadette Go on my trip this week. Loved it!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  3. oh I love the Beltane Ranch!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  4. christin said: replied:

    i need that oil in my life asap. and i’m downloading that book for my trip this weekend. perfect timing! xo

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  5. Christina Storm said: replied:

    Love these picks!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  6. FripperyVintage said: replied:

    Your doing pretty well for being up for 24hrs I wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  7. Yes – that Mun oil is magical. The prickly pear + argan are so moisturizing and the rose makes it smell dreamy. I’m obsessed!!!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  8. Evann Clingan said: replied:

    I got the new slate version of the 5s. Absolutely love the phone, especially after having the 4s! Hopefully gold will be back in stock soon.


    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  9. dana said: replied:

    love this – and I always love book recommendations. thanks!


    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  10. Ame said: replied:

    I am SUPER mad at myself for ordering online, because my “space gray” won’t be here til TOMORROW. I could have walked into any store and bought it on the spot by now. Ten times. Gah! Oh well.

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
    1. Ame said: replied:


      25 Sep 2013 | Reply
  11. Laura said: replied:

    I read this book on my last vacation and loved it! Definitely one of my favorites!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  12. Katy Byrne said: replied:

    Oh my… I hope you weren’t sitting on the tarmac all 8 of those hours!!


    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  13. Ginet said: replied:

    I’m usually plain Jane, but I think I’m loving the gold iPhone too. It looks luxurious!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  14. Jillian said: replied:

    I wondered what you were doing emailing me at 5am this morning!

    Can’t wait to see you!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  15. Ahhhhh I want the gold iphone sooooo badly!!!!!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  16. I’m reading that book too!

    And cannot wait for that iphone.

    See you tonight, m’dear!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  17. Jackie said: replied:

    I thought that was just a gold iphone case at first-it’s an actual iphone? Wow, that is definitely going on the wishlist!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  18. rox said: replied:

    oh man – must get my paws on a gold iphone.

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  19. Emma said: replied:

    Omg, I love Mun oil too! It’s a very good anti-aging product. My fine lines are a lot less visible now and under-eye circles are gone!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  20. Kate said: replied:

    That lamp is killer! I’d like a pair as well ;)

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  21. i’ve been eyeing that book (and 9238932 others), but maybe it’s time i go and purchase it already. that wedding looks stunning, too!

    xo, Lily on Fillmore | Camo jacket giveaway!

    24 Sep 2013 | Reply
  22. Jess Runnals said: replied:

    So great seeing you this weekend! Although late, I’m happy you made it back east safely.

    BTW, how is it that I just found out about your blog?! I’ve been missing out- love it!

    25 Sep 2013 | Reply
  23. Nnenna said: replied:

    Jealous of how easy it was for Joe to get his new phone- it took about 3 hours for me, but at least I was able to get it on launch day (although not the gold like I originally wanted!).

    I also loved Where’d You Go, Bernadette?- such a fun read!

    25 Sep 2013 | Reply
  24. Archana said: replied:

    Oh the bag !

    2 Oct 2013 | Reply

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