The Man Behind Much to My Delight

man behind the blog - much to my delight

I mentioned her blog a few weeks back, but if you have a minute and you haven’t done so yet, you should absolutely stop by Jenn’s hilariously fun blog Much to My Delight. To wit: since including her on my short list of blogs to check out, she’s written a two part series about being on Elimidate (which made me laugh out loud more than once); these posts only barely top last year’s adventures in spray tanning story. So of course, with all these laughs, I was dying to learn a little bit more about her husband Vin, who’s made many appearances on the blog, and who knows Brad Pitt (well, sorta). What say you, Vincent? 

YOUR NAME: Vincent, VB, Vinny, Vin, Vince.
YOUR DAY JOB: Theater Technical Director
YOUR LADY’S BLOG: Much To My Delight
FAVORITE WEBSITES:,, (I have a thirst for knowledge and don’t know how I ever lived without the ability to have instant answers.)

much to my delight - man behind the blog

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  1. Rachelle wrote:

    another great one, he’s funny and suportive. So sweet.

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  2. I just died laughing while scrolling through Jenn’s blog! Thanks for introducing it to me!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  3. Laura wrote:

    Thanks for introducing me to this blog! It’s now one of my favs! Her husband seems great – so supportive!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  4. dad wrote:


    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  5. So happy to be introduced to this blogger and her sweetie pie! Took the bait and sampled the Brad Pitt post– hilarious and very well written. Can’t wait to catch up on a few more. Victoria, you always have the “in” on all the good stuff!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  6. Maryn wrote:

    This is great. Nothing better than a supportive husband! Going to check out her blog now…

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  7. Love her blog! He sounds like a fun guy!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  8. Thanks so much for featuring my man Vin, Victoria. He is totally the wind beneath my wings.

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  9. i love this feature! thank you for bringing her blog to my attention… so in love!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  10. Ailee wrote:

    That Brad Pitt story. Ugh. Jealous x a million. Great blog and funny guy. “Kinda my idol” – love.

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  11. love to see a guys perspective! sucha fun post!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  12. dana wrote:

    what sweet words. He’s so supportive! love it.

    The Casual Classic

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  13. Alexa wrote:

    Ok am now in love with her blog and he’s a riot too…love the teenagers/fashion comment!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  14. Kristin wrote:

    Kinda my idol?! Too cute! I said ‘awwww’ out loud. These are always a fun read :)

    8 Aug 2013 · Reply
  15. ame wrote:

    Ok I liked him early on but the fashion blog comment had my heart completely.

    9 Aug 2013 · Reply
  16. I love this interview!! I don’t think we give enough credit to the men behind the blogs nearly enough! haha my man definitely puts up with a lot especially when I make him edit my posts and i adore his patience when I ask him over and over again if it’s good enough to post. And I don’t even make him take outfit photos of me…(yet!) :D our men are the best!
    Lauren M

    13 Aug 2013 · Reply
  17. Daina wrote:

    I have followed Jenn’s blog for some time now and it was so fun to hear Vin’s perspective of it all! I actually just had my first blate (blogger date) with Jenn this week in Astoria and she was just as lovely in person as she seems on her website!

    Reading this has made me even more curious how my own boyfriend would respond to these questions about my blog… love this series! If you ever want another man to participate, I would volunteer my boyfriend Brian!

    14 Aug 2013 · Reply
  18. Kelly wrote:

    Ah, I just love this series! My favorite part was, “she’s kind of my idol.” How sweet!

    16 Aug 2013 · Reply
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