Around here…

Enjoying a bright bag I snagged during Zara’s big summer sale.

Just a few quick snaps of things I’ve been up to lately…


We’ve slowly been buying some pots and plants for our little space outside. First to be potted: a basil plant that’s taken to it’s new stone planter quite well (the all day sun doesn’t hurt either).


We found this little teak bistro dining set at a hardware store for an absolute steal. Virtually ever night before bed, we’ll sit outside and enjoy the summer breeze, along with a nightcap. Such a nice way to unwind (and without anything digital in sight). 

 time capsule

While unpacking, I found this ‘time capsule’ some of my closest friends and I made on December 31, 2009. From what I remember from the exercise (after several glasses of Champs, natch), we each wrote down how we envisioned our lives in ten years. I can’t remember much of what I wrote on mine, but I do remember it involved Joe…so at least that part is on track!


We overextended ourselves a bit in the grocery delivery department and ordered wayyyy too many fruits and veggies. A bad thing? Not really — I’ve been throwing everything into smoothies to use it all up (and seen a corresponding bounce in my energy and skin tone!). Most days I’ll add in a little greenery, but actually, when I snapped this pic, we had used up all our kale. Pat on the back!


I never get bored walking around New York City. So much to look at and admire — especially in the architecture department. This building wowed me with its intricate detailed cutouts, all over the facade. I’m a regular Ted Mosby. 


Bucket Bag, Zara | Bracelet, Bauble Bar | Denim, Rich and Skinny | Basil Planter, Crate & Barrel (on sale!) | Blender, Vitamix (yes, they’re worth it)

 {Image Credits: First image by Lydia Hudgens; all other images by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese}

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  1. Caroline wrote:

    Love the HIMYM reference :) And sitting outside in the evenings this time of year (well, now that we’re experiencing this “cold snap”) is the best.

    6 Aug 2013 · Reply
  2. Maryn wrote:

    Looks like you carved out your little slice of paradise in NYC!

    Love the nightcap ritual, might have to start one myself ;)

    6 Aug 2013 · Reply
  3. kendall wrote:

    love these snaps! x

    6 Aug 2013 · Reply
  4. Phoebe wrote:

    I love your jeans in the first picture! Where are they from? The wash is pretty.

    6 Aug 2013 · Reply
  5. Great bag!! I’ve been putting my Vitamix to good use lately, too. Love the way smoothies make me feel!

    6 Aug 2013 · Reply
  6. I love your little outdoor area! We have a tiny balcony too, but we have yet to buy any furniture for it. The other day, I did spy some awesome deals at our local hardware store, though, so I may follow suit and get a tiny bistro set too. It’s too nice not to enjoy these perfect summer days we’ve been having!

    6 Aug 2013 · Reply
  7. YES to the Vitamix. I can’t wait to get home to mine.

    Also, love the Ted Mosby reference. I do the exact same thing, much to the chagrin of Sri.

    I think we need another s’mores and game night soon!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  8. Katy Byrne wrote:

    Loving your pictures, and having major jealousy over the Zara bag. Even cuter in person!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  9. I absolutely love the pictures! and that bag!

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
  10. I love the bistro set! We still haven’t bought any outdoor furniture…that is on the to do list when the Fall sales come around.

    7 Aug 2013 · Reply
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